The best recipe in the world for perfect hot chocolate

…yes, I’m being “for real”. I have no drama to write about, well, I do… but its not mine to write and its far too…nevermind, anyway. I also don’t want to gush. I’m made of steel and all that, so I won’t gush about the dude. Who is very nice, by the way.

No instead, I will tell you how to make my current favourite thing, Nestle Hot Chocolate. Oh. my. humble. boobs. Look, its not exactly fat free, okay? But once a week (I’ve had to limit myself now that winter is over kadovers) on a Friday morning, this stuff rocks my socks off.

So, follow this for greatness:

4tsp Nestle Hot Chocolate into a cup.
1tsp of cremora
1tsp of sugar
Pour in 1/4 milk (you could totally get away with fat free or skim milk here if that would make you feel better. Loser.) and mix with the 3 things above into a smooth paste with small bubbles.

I find a long teaspoon is best for mixing. I’m not anal or anything though.

Once kettle has been boiled, fill up the cup. Revel in the awesomeness.

Happy Friday friendly friends!


  1. Glugster says:

    Is this what you feed The Dude the morning after?

    BTW – Can we settle on a name for the Dude now. One minute it’s the Boy. Next it’s the Dude. Hmmmm. I assume it’s the same guy?!?!

  2. stalker says:

    I find if you heat 1/2 cup milk on the stove add 2 tbl spoons of coco and a slab of dark choc melt slowley and add a pinch of chilli powder its really awesome and sooooooooooooo fattning but so yum

  3. sonnyvsdan says:

    MMMM that sounds amazing. The Americans here introduced me to banana pancakes with choc chips. I need to limit myself to once a month, on account of me eating 4 servings each time!

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