The Bergy Lurgy & moving huis.

So I finally have a few pics from the wedding!  Below is Cam and Arthur, how absolutely stunningly happy does my sisterblister look?!


Here is a pic of Jon, my mom & I.  I have no idea why his eyes were closed like that – I can only imagine he was day-dreaming of my awesomeness.  Must be.


And a close up of just him and I:


And one of The bride & her dad:


Awww, bless man!

I moved into the new place this weekend.  I am so unbelievable stoked about it.  Not only do I have two awesome house mates, but the place is HUGE.  My bedroom is going to be stunning when its done.  Right now, its mayhem.  Renovations have been happening all over the place and I’m living out of boxes at the moment.  But the view is spectacular, the kitchen is a dream for me and I’m so looking forward to entertaining with our friends and crew.

Goldfish performed at Emmerentia Dam yesterday.  Despite having bought tickets WEEKS ago in excitement to finally see them live, I have been so ill that I actually didn’t have the strength to go anywhere.  I also cancelled our plans to go to AnGlug’s on Saturday night for a Halloween party not knowing that she’d also decided to call the whole thing off due to having the same bug.

I’ve nicknamed it The Bergy Lurgy, since my dear bff in hoburg seems to have infected our entire circle of friends here and its spreading like wildfire.  Vomming and feeling dizzy and headachey and crampy is not cool, dudes.  Jon put up with me being whiney the whole weekend.  He’s awesome like that.

Now tell me, what have you guys been up to?


  1. ExMi says:

    fuck my bf has been suffering from the bergy lurgy for days.

    i actually had *this* conversation with a pharmacist yesterday:

    Old Pharmacist Man: What do you need Immodium for?
    Me: My Boyfriend has the shits. And not just with me.
    Old Pharmacist Man: tell him to take two now, and one later. And tell him to stop whining. And to buy two-ply.

    Yup. true story.

  2. Shebee says:

    Snort! Bergen was all sicky and vommy last week when I went to go molly coddle him – its man flu, I’m telling you. Except I haven’t found my penis yet.

  3. Louisa says:

    Hope you all feel better soon. I think they should totally ask you to name the next flu to pass through, I’m tired of ones being called boring things like Sydney and Swine and whatever.

  4. SwissTwist says:

    That is sucha beautiful picture of you and Jon, absolutely stunning.. just how stunningly happy don’t YOU look??!!! Love it!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Shebee says:

    Louisa – I think I should name future sick’s too. I can think of all sorts of them right away:

    1. Sucky Sickness Flu
    2. Ritard Retina Ailment
    3. Terrific Tick-bite Fever Naaaaat (TM)
    4. Inflewawayhealthenza
    5. Fucked UP infazema

  6. Angel says:

    Well, as you said, I had the same bug you did and cancelled our do… even though we had costumes and I had my hair done and everything!!
    I am so glad you like the new place- I can’t wait to see it!

  7. Amy says:

    I have, in the past two weeks:
    * Gotten engaged
    * received a susbtantial bonus from work
    * celebrated both my brother and sisters birthdays
    * and i have my baby shower this weekend

    Busy bee i am!

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