The Benefits of MyCard

Remember a while back I told you about Standard Bank’s MyCard?  I’ve received emails asking for more detail and why women should go for this credit card.  Well, here it is!


Get MyCard from Standard Bank and enjoy your moments – The freedom to treat yourself wherever you choose. MyCard is tailored with attractive benefits and features such as cash back on any purchase from wherever you choose, comprehensive MyCare benefits and special offers and discounts with Value Choices every month.


MyCard gives you the freedom to shop online securely and at no additional cost, free basic travel insurance if you are under 76, and up to 55 days of interest free credit provided your account is paid on or before the due date, cash advance transactions are excluded as these attract interest from day 1.

  • You get the following transactions free per month:
    • One cash deposit
    • One ATM provisional statement
    • One over-the-counter provisional statement
    • One balance enquiry at an ATM
    • One balance enquiry over-the counter
    • You have control over how you want to use your credit card limit as the revolving and budget limits are combined into a single account limit.

  • You get cash back every time you swipe.

How the cash back works:

  • With MyCard you get cash back every time you swipe your credit card, which then accumulates over 6 months and is paid into a separate gift card called MyGift (you receive a minimum of R100 cash back on your MyGift card). You can then spend your MyGift card to celebrate your special moment wherever and however you like.  You receive up to 1.5% cash back on point of sale spend (Based on the total value of point of sale transactions for the 6 months excluding reversals and chargebacks.)
    • 0.5% from R1, 000 – R3, 500
    • 1% from R3, 500 – R10, 000
    • 1.5% for spend of R10, 000 and more
  • You receive MyCare benefits which include:

  • Peace of mind in your time of need.

With MyCard, you get free MyCare benefits that pay up to R10 000 in the case of the primary cardholder being diagnosed with a female cancer.

  • Support for accidental disability.

With MyCard, you receive R10 000 cover in the case of the primary cardholder suffering accidental disability.

  • Support in case of a roadside emergency.

With MyCard you receive assistance during a roadside emergency in the event that your car has a mechanical or electrical breakdown, flat tyre or battery, or in the instance when your vehicle runs out of fuel or you lock your keys in your car.

  • Assistance in your time of need.

MyCard offers you a wide range of support, whether you require an emergency ambulance, medical or household assistance and counseling. From discounts on doctor consultation fees and medication, to telephonic Helpline that offers advice on medical emergencies and emergency household repairs. We also provide members with psychological counseling on such issues as traumatic experiences, bereavement and HIV and Aids.

For more information on what this policy entails, please click here.

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