The 4 parentals of 7 siblings…

Thats a pretty weird title right there, but guess what? It describes my family to a tee. Both parents remarried after their divorce and so the sibling list went from a normal 3 to the Indian-style 7.

After the initial divorce, and new marriages, I had a new sister my age, my brothers had a brother aged between the two of them, plus we inherited another younger sister (who is now not so young, the boys after her body drive my father to strong drink) and one baby brother who is 14 years younger than me.

It was pretty cool growing up, having our own rugby team. None of the other kids messed with us, we were Team Formiddable. We all went to school together so were mates before our parents bonked. That was a bit of an ease into the situation. We would all sit in the boys room, torches lit under blankets and hold thumbs the wooden log cabin we lived in, didn’t fall down, as it rocked to high heaven and above with shouts of passion* apparent in our ears.

Another cool thing about being in such a huge family, is that there were so many of us, we never got singled out. Team Formiddable would stick up for eachother so greatly, that once when I crashed my mothers car into the gate wall, they didn’t find out for months who the culprit was as we all were sworn to secrecy. That, and me having to bribe the boys with KFC. But it worked!

This weekend was the first time in a very long time that my mom had all her chickens in the basket. She suffers from Empty Nest Syndrome** badly when we’re all out of home and doing our own thing. The only thing different this time, was that we had all four of our parents there. My dad and his wife, my mom and her husbank. Usually this would be an awkward situation, but nothing is usual in my family. Even 2nd youngest brother took the time out of his busy (read: sarcastic tone) schedule to join us. Despite being an hour and a half late, and showing off his two latest tatoos on his pecks (which he then proceeded to kiss all evening).

It was good to be around family again. Even if ours is bigger than the Brady Bunch, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

*Okay, I made that bit up. They didn’t shout with passion. But we all knew what was “up” (pun intended), so they may as well have gone the whole hog and been noisy too.

** The problem you have when all your kids leave home and you are stuck with your husbank of many years and don’t know what to do with him, so end up driving yourself to insanity pretending you have lots in common