The 2009 Nerdy Nom-noms are open!

For those of you not on Twitter (n00bs) I have a surprise! I was halfway through a post of my personal 2009 Hotties yesterday when a comment or ten came through from the nerd boys suggesting they be included, then the girls jumped on the bandwagon too! Not mentioning any names or anything though, it did plant a little seed in my head; I have decided to run an online hotness pageant! Please say hello to The Sexiest Nerdies 2009 Awards, aka The Nerdies (play on the word ‘Nudies’ – I’m so bloody witty, really).

How it will work:

You (yes, you) will nominate your online hottie of choice by using means of my Twitter stream, email or comment right here on this very post. I want names and links of your nominees, people. I will blog the entire process and let you in on who’s who after I’ve fully investigated their backgrounds, DNA samples, swimwear modeling & abilities to stand out.

The Nerdy Nom-noms:

You can nominate as many Nerdies as you like, for whichever reason you like. I will then narrow the Nom-noms down to categories and then finals. Nominations have come from the guys mostly, so girls stop being so bloody shy already!

The Rules & Regs:

The nominees must either be South African, or reside in South Africa
The nominees must have an online presence, be it a blog, a twitter account or even just an owner of an online company.
The nominees should be nominated for their personalities more than anything else, this is onlinedom okes, shallowness is null and void here. Or so they say.
The judge’s decision is final. Unless you come up with good bribery or sexual favours second to none. I like chocolates. I’m just saying. Steve is the male judge. He likes head-banging music. And fluffy bunnies.

Right. Any questions needing to be asked may be done so here.


  1. vincent says:

    Clearly there is but only one vote – I nominate the most kick ass, most beautiful online writer – Talita …

    I nominate Tyler for the man-nomnom section – he’s uber hot and is quite commanding on the phone.

  2. Laura says:

    I am still fairly new to all this – but have to go with ExMi and nominate AndreVr

    Is it just guys? Cos if girls get a vote then I nominate Jenty!

  3. simonB says:

    Hey sounds like an interesting idea.

    I nominate in no order the following tweeters.

    The guys:

    Mike Stopforth
    Tyler Reed
    Rafiq Phillips
    Jacques Mostert
    Dave Duarte

    The ladies:

    Beverly Merriman
    Heidi Schneigansz
    Gabrielle Rosario
    Catherine LΓΌckhoff
    Sue Rutherford

    Come on guys spread the word πŸ˜‰

  4. Heidi says:

    Mmmm… And the nominees are (from me at least)

    GIRL: FeistyFemale (Beverly Merriman)
    GIRL 2: cow_grrrl (Sue Rutherford)

    BOY: mikestopforth (ummmm… Mike Stopforth)
    BOY2: ChrisM (Christopher Mills)


  5. jayx says:

    girlie-geek 1: kerry-anne gilowey
    girlie-geek 2: jo duxbury

    guy-geek 1 (not the prom queen): stii
    guy-geek 2 (the prom queen): brandon golding

    there … said it πŸ˜›

  6. Amy says:

    Personally, I’m just miffed that I cant take part, and secondly that i cant nominate you ( the only SA blogger i read regularly ).

    So poo to all that!

  7. Po says:

    I am a supernerd, but a lack of sexiness may disqualify me. So I will have to vote for cow_grrl (spelling) cos she is hot!

  8. Roger says:

    Urm, damn, didnt realise you need to be nominated πŸ™ Does having a facebook account (and being permanently logged into it) count as online presence ??

    Then, I do vote for Jeremy Nell, he is worthy competition to me (should i get nominated … he says while already changing the comment details)

  9. Tertia says:

    Most smoochable: AndreVr
    If I was 17 years younger: Rafiq
    If I didn’t think of him like a brother: Mike Stopforth
    If he wasn’t married (and neither was I) geekrebel
    If was a boy: Cowgrrl, Sam Wilson, Cath Jenkin, kerry-anne.

  10. B says:


    I nominate –


    cos they all hot …

    And i just swing that way..K?

    But If I must nominate a guy though it would

    **** OH SO DEF BE ****

    SexyG!!! nom-nom-nom!!…..

  11. B says:

    what the f?

    ExMi dissapeared from my list?

    Who took her off??

    please could you add EXMI.. she is just so super cool and chill…

  12. cath says:

    Tertia! Thank you! Bless you.


    My nom noms are:

    1. Tyler Reed
    2. AndreVR
    3. ChristopherM
    4. Rafiq

    (I would nominate my divine divine boyf, matthewerasmus, but i fear he may kill me or leave a pumpkin on my doorstep).

    and for my “if i swung that way i’d smooch them” nom noms:

    1. Tertia
    2. Cow_grrrl
    3. ExMi
    4. Sam Wilson

  13. Miss P says:

    I nominate Gnukid and Kyknoord.
    They’re both shit hot, funny, intelligent and forthright. But mostly because I bet neither of them wears a Speedo, and yes, I want to see them stand out. Ahem.

  14. Miss P says:

    The guy nom nom’s were easy. Da girls, not so much:
    Mrs Tex Benitez, even though she’s not playing no more;
    Jean Pant
    Max Kaizen

  15. Stew says:

    I’m kind of pissed that nobody has taken up the bacon banner here. This contest involves NOMing after all… SOMEBODY second my nomination for bacon puh-lease~

    There is nothing, and I do mean NOTHING more sexy than bacon (in a bikini)

  16. geekrebel says:

    Thanks for the nomination Tertia! All this buzz and I only find out now. (2AM, Thu) If I had known about this earlier, I would have sent in some sexy action pictures of myself for e.g. writing some SQL queries or some such.

  17. vaughan dutch... says:

    I’d go for cow_grrrl…should I still give a reason why, “don’t think so, you do the math”, cause she left me speechless.

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