That cold cup of coffee

I’m blogging this from that quiet ‘calm before the storm’ place that happens between every work event I go to. We’ve done the run-throughs, the walk-abouts, the briefings, the crisis protocols, the running order of events. The content is planned, the photographers are on standby and the staff have arrived. Now all that’s left is for the sun to go down, guests to arrive and the entertainment to begin.

It’s my job to be here and do live coverage through social media, to host guests that I’ve built relationships with, and meet the new people I’ve yet to connect to. It’s a stimulating job, one that is demanding, one that consumed me BA (Before Aiden). But now I’m learning how to put it second after my family, and it’s easier said than done when there are deadlines, endless phone calls, hundreds of emails waiting to be answered and events to be attended, usually on a daily basis. When 5’0 clock comes round far sooner than expected, it kills the OCD-freak in me to walk away from unopened emails in order to go home to my son who is excited to eat his bowl of cereal and waiting for me to feed it to him.  At 3 in the morning it’s all fine and well to go and soothe Aiden with a quick cuddle and give him back his blanket (because he kicked it off AGAIN, for the 4th time that night), even though I only got home from a work thing at 11pm, even though I’d been up since 5am that morning. Because that’s what my life is now, a juggling act of family, work and life balancing. I’ve been on the go since 5am this morning, and I’ll still be on the go until at least 11pm tonight, after which I’ll need to get into my car and drive home from the other side of Joburg.


But I’m not complaining, I expected this, which is probably why I was so freaked out when my maternity leave was coming to an end – I knew what I was getting myself into. So I suppose I’m grateful. I’m grateful for my stable, stimulating job. I’m grateful that although my hours have been greatly reduced with him, I get to have an hour with my boy in the morning at home before work. We giggle, and sing and screech different sounds at each other. It means that I slouch around in my pjs in the morning so that I can maximise every minute of Aiden’s awake time, because he still needs a good 45 minute nap in the morning before we leave for school, which is generally when I run around the house like a mad thing trying to shower, shampoo, pack lunches, pack Aiden’s bag, pack my bag, repack Aiden’s bag, find my car keys, etc. I forgo my cup of coffee being enjoyed while it’s hot, but so what. That cold cup of coffee signals that I’m a busy mom with a busy boy and a busy job which allows me to contribute towards a busy family.


But damn, that cold cup of coffee also signals that I’m so damn tired all the time too. Yawn.


  1. MeeA says:

    Ah, I feel you. Just know the tired doesn’t last forever and from the sound of things, you’ve got this! x

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