Ten things

  1. Making your other half laugh when they’re in a foul mood is a talent.  One that I’m good at, and so is Jon.  We’re so damn lucky.
  2. I want Bonjovi JHB tickets so bad.  So bad, I even incorporated clever wording, thanks to my Twitter friends.  I might be Livin’ on a Prayer, but I’d take some Bad Medicine to get hold of Bonjovi JHB tickets. They’re Wanted, Dead or Alive. Please help? All I Want is Everything…
  3. No Pants Sundays have been instituted in our home.  We’ve decided (after yesterday’s trial run) that once a month we will have a No Pants Sunday rule.  In which, you get it, we don’t wear pants.  Just undies and shirt (both of which are optional).  I highly recommend this for your soul, Reader.  It was not only comfortable and airy, but forced us to stay at home and relax.  And slap each other’s bums, which is always fun.
  4. Had my first official meeting with my editor on my book.  Walked out of there with a plan; I will be writing a novel, based loosely on my life, but it gives me the freedom to change names, scenarios, timelines if and when I see fit.  I think this is the best solution, because I’m worried about the privacy of others involved in my life story.
  5. Got a new iPhone 5, it’s ok.
  6. Presented without comment: last week I was endorsed on LinkedIn for faxing.
  7. I’m very excited for March, it’s a month of new beginnings.
  8. Bought a bunch of clothes the other day and realised when trying them on at home that I somehow thought I was 4 sizes bigger.  Still haven’t returned the clothes.  Sigh.
  9. Jon bought an aircon for our bedroom and also put up darker curtains that almost black out the sun.  Our bedroom is my new sanctuary.  I would eat, sleep, work and entertain from my bed if I could.  Summer, begone!  Winter I miss you!
  10. This joke still has me giggling days after Gina posted it on Twitter:
  11. Mexican word of the day: wheelchair
    Me and Juan only have one taco, but is ok, wheelchair


  1. Mia says:

    OMG, I love that you were endorsed for faxing. That is a very niche skill to have, since no one, apart from doctors, faxes. Ever. You need to print out a screen shot and frame it. LOL.

  2. Louisa says:

    Mwahaha @ the faxing thing – was it a joke or did someone suddenly remember that you used to be able to do it when fax machines were still around?

    I fully approve of this no pants Sunday business. I would happily wear no pants ever at home if I could get away with it (unfortunately I can’t go outside for a smoke like that because my landlord’s kitchen looks out over my part of the garden – he however does pants free all the bloody time but I’ve managed to convince him to keep it to the hours that my impressionable 3 year old daughter is at school. He say he liked to feel the breeze when he’s busy gardening. I’ll leave you with that thought then for now.)

  3. Angel says:

    Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… Wheelchair!!
    We regularly do no pants Sundays! And what I wouldn’t give for black-out curtains and an aircon in my bedroom…

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