Ten fingers, ten toes


This was from yesterday’s scan. Look at the little fist!


Yesterday we watched our baby do somersaults and hand stands in my belly.  We watched as the baby waved around his hands and brought them to his/her mouth, and did flick-flacks.  He wouldn’t stop moving, basically. Right up until I asked the doctor to see if she could identify the gender, then all of a sudden baby was all HELL NO, MOMMA, IT’S A SURPRISE and turned around and hid the bits.  Stubborn, just like its mother.  Jon may or may not have squealed when we heard the heartbeat for the first time.  I had tears running down my cheek that I couldn’t control, but for the grin on my face.

A low risk for any abnormalities, baby has a healthy brain, all the right internal organs, bones measure up to standard and we were given the all clear by the doctor, with a warning to watch my still high blood pressure.  I walked out of there floating on a cloud – it’s the first anti-natal appointment I’ve had where there hasn’t been anything to feel worried about (other than the stupid high blood pressure, which is pregnancy induced and I can’t really do anything besides calm the hell down sometimes). Baby is due naturally on 21 July (which is my brother Jarry’s birthday) but because I’ll be having a sunroof op, it’s most likely to be a around 11 July (which is my mom’s birthday – guess who is the MOST proud granny in the world?).

At four forty five this morning, I rolled over and curled into Jon and the second my belly touched his side, baby woke up and started wriggling around*.  “I wish you could feel this”, I said sleepily to Jon.  He curled me around his arms tighter and whispered into my ear before falling asleep “You make me so happy”.  And right about then is when I would’ve melted into a little puddle, except I had to spring out of bed and have an emergency wee, as you do.


*Apparently I’m not mad, in the second pregnancy it’s quite common for moms to feel movement as early as 12 weeks, which is exactly when I swore to Jon that I could feel flutterings.  And this week I’ve felt proper shifting inside.


  1. Bronwyn says:

    Hi babe

    With the experience of being there the first time round with you this is AMAZING news. I have tears rolling down my face. Love you babe and i am so over the moon that everything is going well.

  2. Angel says:

    Okay, so I am going to be bawling with every Kretzmer baby blog post.
    Ah Sheena… The joys of a happy, healthy pregnancy you can share with a loving, excited partner…

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