Tantalising Tuesday

I’ve decided I need a break from Cyberland a bit. Not completely, but I need to go online less, I feel like its starting to run my life, thoughts, actions and ability to make a decision without blogging about it first.

Am I alone in this, bloggers? Do you ever get this way?

I am currently confused. I’m excited too, and a little disappointed. So many things are going on right now, and mainly due to my blog, funnily enough. But unfortunately, I can’t tell you guys what it is, because half of my readers have now become my friends and I don’t think I want to be up for scrutinisation and judgement by you, sorry.

Its a confusing post, this one, I know.

The brightside is that Tuesdays mean my maid comes in today! Yay! I don’t have to take out the trash for a while!

Also, just in case you were wondering, I am still sneezing like a mofo on cocaine and have now resorted to sticking toilet paper up my nose. No, it is not beyond me to do that in public.

And lastly, I have permission to paste the poem I received yesterday. Its copyrighted, lurker dudes, so don’t fucken get clever ok? I don’t know how to do a copy right sign (c) thing – so this will have to do. DON’T STEAL THIS POEM! I hope this is good enough, Poem Writer?

Right, to the good stuff:

A glimpse …
After many months in a desert,
of the first oasis in this unhinging heat.
A song to my parched soul,
a rhythm to my still feet,
warmth to my cold heart.

A glimpse,
of the first light after many stormy nights
illuminating my darkest sights
revealing my inner turmoil

On a silver charger my haven came,
in a blaze of glory he conquered my rage,
calmed my fires and cooled my terror.
In a swish of flamboyant tails,
and extravagant strength, I was whisked away.

Onto golden plains, beached treasures,
forgotten lands of pleasure and divine secrets.
Into the vortex of his soul, he took me.
Let me into the myriad of his persons
the labyrinth of his love,
the alcove of solace.

Only for a glimpse

________ phew___________________