Sooooooooooo?  What do you think?

I *know*!  It’s beautiful, right?  If you were on twitter you would know all about the kinds of hell I went through with the set up, but its almost done and I am so happy with it.  My to do list goes as follows, please feel free to add on to it as you see fit in the comments section (how cool are the little stars everywhere?) below:

  • figure out how to do the header and where
  • Configure the reader on feedburner (google reader subscribers please don’t forget to re-add me under the new address!)
  • Make these google ads give me money somehow
  • Fix up google analytics
  • Add the text widgets
  • sort out amatomu / mybloglog codes
  • Plug-ins: polls & comment follow up (possibly comment luv)

I’m so proud of myself.  Someone once told me that I shouldn’t even bother learning coding and design cause I would break the internet.  Well, trust me, I came close but I managed to (with a lot of help) get the site back to normal again.  Ultimately tho, I installed the theme and am editing all the little things by myself!  A huge deal for me since I’ve never done anything like this before.

And thats it for now!  Can you think of anything else I might have skipped out on?


  1. cath says:

    as you know i frigging love this.

    but i have to laugh.

    one of the google ads on the right hand bar says

    Jesus Christ Loves You…


  2. Wogan May says:

    Sweet! U can haz upgradez!

    I think the header looks perfect as it is. The only suggestion I can make is to put a list of links in your sidebar to your Facebook and Twitter and whatnot. Be more sociable, etc 🙂

    ~ Wogan

  3. Shebee says:

    B – the stars are what sold me on this theme, actually. Poor Cath, I’ve showed her the comments section a million times. She now just sighs and rolls her eyes.

    Gluggie – thanks babe, might actually call you in a bit if you don’t mind…

    AB – hello & welcome! Thanks for the salt and bread… weird. But yay! You appealed to my curious nature and I am about to run off to see where your neighbourhood is.

    6k – if it were covered in boobs and guns would that be better?

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