First off, lets get to the important bit:

Face of an angel.

Face of an angel.

Vote for Cameron by calling 086 2277702 or SMS “Cameron” to 34680.

I know he was a bit bland tonight, on stage.  But it was his first time and he’s also the youngest, give him some time darlings – Cameron will knock our socks off if we let him.  I’m certainly keen.  Cam needs support, and voting is open until 7pm tomorrow – so vote for him now, it’s only R2 per sms.  I will love you forever if you do.

Then, onto me.  My eyebrows are – there’s no other word for this – whoreiffic.  I look like a $2 hooker from Thailand.  Complete with a gangster gash on the left brow where the wax ripped out an entire chunk and left my bald a little bit.  I feel like walking around saying “Fuckywucky love you long time!”.  For the first time in my life I am grateful that my hair follicles sprout so quickly.  Honest.

Annnyway, it’s a Sunday night and I’m tired.  But this week is going to rock for us, readers, I just feel it.  Also it’s pay day.  Yay, me!  SHOW ME THE MONEY!


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