Summertiiiiiiime, and the living is easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Last night I was in bed and closing my eyes before 9pm.  This morning I was out of bed by 7, showered and lunch made by quarter past and at work before ten to 8.  Seriously, I can speak actual words at this hour.  Who would have thunk it?

I hereby propose myself going to bed early everyday from now on.  Soet soos dit.

Okay – off to lurk blogs for five minutes and then do some real work.  PS:  I can’t comment on blogger with the net securtiy here.  But I’m still reading, m’kay?



  1. Stef says:

    soet soos dit… mwhahahahahahaha
    good grief that made me laugh!!!
    roger that on the comments… thank God i thought you have written me offffffffff 🙂

  2. Chantal says:

    LOL i almost always am asleep by 9pm, it sucks, start work 7am.
    Now be honest, did you shower and brush your teeth this morning, how do you get out of bed at 7, make breakfast and be at work at 7:50 hmmmm, where abouts do you work?

    Hope you’re enjoying all the rain in durban today 🙂 drive carefully!

  3. leez says:

    I tried that but I still go to bed later. If I go to bed any earlier I still feel way too tired in the mornig and I need to be here By 7:30 anyway which means I leave home at about 6:30.

    How do you actaully get out of bed when you its dark and you can only hear the rain beating down outside?

    was a battle this morning…

  4. shebee says:

    Cath – yeah well, i went and fucked it all up last night, didn’t I?

    Stef – hee hee. I would never write you off freak. Just your blogger comment page. Whaha. Switch to wordpress damnit!

    Chantal – yesterday I totally did, but this morning I was still drunk when I woke up and barely managed to shower without vomming everywhere, so ja…

    Leez – I have one times super flatmate that kicks my ass black & blue if I don’t get out of bed before 7. She’s usually in Mommy mode and pretty scary at that hour.

    Glugs – Shut up. LOL.

  5. shebee says:

    Angel – i’ve ruined it already. Sigh. Will start again next week.

    Tam – She’s the bomb, I swear.

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