Summerfields Rose Retreat: AKA Heaven on Earth

Jon and I go away often, we’re very lucky in this regard.  While we don’t have kids or any major responsibilities, we’re having fun with our double-income situation.  This weekend saw us on a 5 and a bit hour road trip to the other side of White River / Hazyview to spend a weekend in our now favourite location ever in the whole of South Africa, Summerfields.

Instead of me blabbing for hours, I thought I’d tell this story with pictures:

A murky and miserable way to start the road trip.

Driving through the tunnel just before White River (which is the most amazing forest-lumber-tree-growing community ever. Absolutely gorgeous scenery and valleys. We were dumbstruck at the sheer beauty of nature, made for a very pleasant drive.

Hello, home for the weekend. Luxury tented rooms that put our home comforts to shame. All 5 stars of it.

The bathrooms are really Summerfields’ romantic highlights. Not only do they have the coolest venue to work from, but they’ve gone and built the room bathrooms outside. No walls or windows to be found here, just river views, trees and the sweet sounds of birds nesting in for the evening.

The view from bed on Saturday morning.

Day time view of the bathroom. That’s the Sabie river just in front of the bath. Where we could hear hippos and had the threat of being eaten by crocs should we disobey rules and swim in the river.

A closer look at the shower. Yes, that would be a tree. A shower made from a tree.

Jon and I did a run/walk at the new Summerfields Park Run (which happened to take place right at our hotel, yay). We went through the forest…

Over the river banks…

Through the orchards

Cooled down from the walk with a colonial English breakfast. Yes please.

Marvelled at the beautiful decor and finer touches. Everywhere you look there has been thought, love and effort put in. Even in the smoking sections. Isn’t this just Pinterest-worthy?

Got a little inebriated. Wobbled home in the rain, tried not fall off the pathways and into the riverine.

Ate like royalty. Their food is flawless. The menu is small (only 4 choices at any given time), but anything ordered came out perfectly every single time.

This was roasted pork belly. I have never had a foodgasm like I did the minute this went into my mouth.

And of course, we had to finish off the weekend with one last romantic bath. Complete with bubbly, rose petals and chocolate truffles.

So there you have it.  Pictorial proof that I spent a weekend in heaven.  If you’re interested, Summerfields is perfect for couples.  I wouldn’t recommend it for family holidays (this is not a child friendly venue) but for that perfect getaway weekend with your loved one.

It’s slightly pricey for the average Joe, but oh-so-worth it.  Jon and I cannot wait to go back, we’ve found our new annual holiday venue.




  1. Poractacus Cotts says:

    HOLY MOLY! This looks like the most incredible holiday ever? Beats the last one I took. Where I had to ride 200 kilometres and sleep on the ground, after sharing a shower with 1600 other dirty smelly people.

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