I’m falling apart, and no matter how hard I try, the pieces of me don’t want to be glued back together.

I have such crap things in my head right now, and I’m experiencing a heavy feeling of absolute impending doom in my life, work, home, head & family. Despite being off any form of AD (anti-depressant, which I took more for anxiety) for years, I had to make a decision of doing something because clearly my self-help books and pep-me-up chats at night are not working.

I have an appointment with my shrink at eleven thirty this morning. I can’t help but feel that I am sliding backwards a bit, yet at the same time I know that if I leave things the way they are there will be alot worse to come. I have an annoying habit of letting myself slide back into cave mode. I don’t want that.

Its funny though, as anxious as I feel, I still find humour everywhere and this morning I had Leon and T in hysterics because I was moaning about having Fat Foot disease. To top that off, for some reason the hair follicles in me have decided to piss me off immensely by growing three times faster and much more furiously than ever before.


Ps: I am not leaving this blog, but the one I started before I moved over to blogger. Sorry I caused such confusion. My bad.

But us anxious people are allowed to cause chaos ok, so thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it.