Stuff. And things. And stuff.

Psychotic cat.  I have one.  She especially becomes psychotic at inopportune times.  Ask my boyfriend…

Anyway, I’m trying to potty train her.  Her litter box KILLS me.  The smell, the mess, the sight.  I hate it.  I’ve been told to slowly move it closer to the door and then eventually outside, but if I do one of the other million psychotic animals EAT HER POOH!  It’s disgusting, really.  If I had known this when Kerri offered the sweet little kitten of innocence to me, I would’ve punched her in the head. So dear readers of wisdom – what the eff do I do?


They have this awesome Spring sale on at the moment, right?  Except to phone and book you have to wait a minimum of 20 minutes.  Seriously, I know of at least 6 other people who had this issue.  Their website is a nightmare too, that’s if you even get into it without getting a 404 error.  Whats the point of having a mass sale if you can’t keep up with the masses?  You FAIL, Kulula.  FAIL!

Telkom hosting.

Grrr! I’ve been trying to get one of my client’s websites up and running for two weeks now.  Only problem? It’s being hosted by Telkom.  Suck! You think I can get hold of someone there? Or even possibly a read receipt of one of my many mails to them?  Not a chance, buddy.  Thank god for Paul – who is my hero when it comes to all things hosty onliney.  Smooches, Pieletjies!


I’m always tripping over one stone on the pathway to my house.  Everyday.  Without fail.  I dissapoint myself even.  On the bright side though, its Spring and so using The World’s Worst Shower ™ and its icy cold no-pressure water isn’t too much of a disaster anymore.  Yay for horrible showers.


Is me.  I still get a kick out of sending invites through Google Calendar and cancelling things and rearranging dates and stuff.  I feel so on the ball, lately.  Plus, I’m earning brownie points for not being as ditzy as I usually am.


I’m flying to Durbs again on the 11th for a weekend away.  Joy! I’m so looking forward to seeing the new shops my mom and brother Dazz are opening up.  Awww, my family is so clever! Dazz is opening up his very own Pet Shop, which is so in line with his passion and immense talent and skills when it comes to animals.  mom is opening up her 3rd salon now.  She really is such a business mogul.  And her clients walk away with pretty toes after throwing money at her.  Win!

So that’s whats happening in my life.  Whats going on in yours?


  1. stalker says:

    OK Why oh why did you not ask you friend with 2 potty trained cats to help you with the kitty pooh story?? ok you dont have to move it slowly just within sight … in front of an open window is a good spot… then after 2 days move it to the other side of the window … if other animals eat it then just put a small garden table outside the window and put it on that! then after another 2 days move (remember within sight) to a patch of sand leave on the sand for 2 days then half bury it (so you can still see the top of the box sticking out… after 2 days dig the hole deeper and bury the whole thing you not gonna be using it anymore job done! love you long time xoxox

  2. Angel says:

    Your mommy darling is pretty impressive, eh!?!!
    Super impressed with the whoreganisation and all girl! And I too adore Google Calendar. Glugs and I actually share one so we can both see whats potting at all times!

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