Strap in your seatblets, folks, because I have had an epiphany

It’s been known to happen, just not very often. You know, the situation where you’ll be sitting there mindlessly facebooking in between odd tasks at work, blank look on your face, eyes slightly glazed over when it hits you:

The lightbulb flicks on and the *I-just-realized-why-I-am-single* pops into your unsuspecting head. You look up and address that long overdue to be painted over crack in the wall, ‘is this a good thing, really, or a bad one?’ you wonder.
I’ve been single for so long now, I don’t think I would know how to be one half of a couple. i have so many male friends that rounding up a plus one at certain events is never usually a problem. When I go out to anywhere that doesn’t require an RSVP card, I’m so used to jumping into my car and going, that if I had a boyfriend I would most likely forget to tell him to come*.
I think I have officially reached the stage where I give off ‘leave me alone, I’m independant and don’t need you, womens lib rocks blah blah blah’ vibes.
Scary. I never wanted to be this girl. When the fuck did that happen?
* Or is that, ‘ask him to come’? You see. I’m a terrible would-be one half of a couple. Not that there are any pending prospects. In fact, they are seriously lacking.