Steri Stumpie – fun, funky & fulla flava!

One of the things I love about Social Media is that you can be crazy and get away with it.  One brand that has completely covered that is Steri Stumpie.

Their radio adverts crack me up – they’re a play on the South African judicial system and politics.  With cries of “Vote Marshmallow!”, demands of “more space for Bubblegum!”,  chants of “uStawberry-wam, uStrawberry-wam!” it’s an ad that makes me giggle.  Their Social Media skills are fantastic too, on Facebook they have over 22 000 followers and they use their platforms wisely too – not only are they spreading brand awareness, but people are interacting with them too.  For the twits out there, here is their Twitter handle where they host Steri treasure hunts and they have a blog too, which always impresses me.

A while back I got a mail from Anika from Steri Stumpie, and just her writing alone got me excited about whatever she had up her sleeve.  She was very secretive and wanted my delivery address.  Over the years I’ve gotten used to having free stuff sent my way with the unwritten condition that I eventually blog about it, and mostly I do – if it’s a brand or product I believe in.  Steri Stumpie is just one such brand. They send out a freaking marching band to embrace Unofficial Official Ambassadors around the country, for goodness sake’s!


Not only are their flavoured milk’s divine, but they’ve got character.  Unique to South Africa, this little package arrived for me this morning.  6 flavours including chocolate, banana, strawberry, bubblegum, marshmallow and creme soda.  But what made it more special is the kiff Steri passport that came with it stamped from the following places:

  • Space
  • Mount Olympus
  • Atlantis
  • The Twilight Zone
  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Dark Side of the Moon
  • Transylvania

Plus things like a yellow show ribbon supporting the Flavour Nation, a bumper sticker, a Steri styled South African flag and a pack of customizing steri face stickers to customize your Steri shakes!  I’ll be using those to add to the character that is my Mac, but the idea behind this PR campaign is brilliant:

Have fun with your Steri Stumpie milkshakes. Cause havoc, don’t take shit, enjoy your Steri Stumpies filled with your personal favourite flavour, make a noise.  Spread the word.


I think the guys up at Stump Towers doing all the hard work deserve a medal, they’re rad. And I’m stoked that I can now be part of the Steri Nation too.  If you guys wanna join in the fun, click on their website and tell them why you deserve a Steri stumpie drop.

Well done guys, I’m sipping on a marshmallow steri right now and I’m loving it.  Keep up the good work, I’ll keep buying your brand, it’s the best tasting flavoured milk out there anyway.

uStrawberry-wam! uStrawberry-wam!

* Pictures stolen off Steri’s blog cos I don’t have my Blackberry with me anymore.  May it RIP.


  1. stalker says:

    You making me drool I miss home …. I miss milkshake I miss marsh mellow 🙁 post me some oh please please please I will love you forever and ever and send me some cheese curls too I so miss SA food stuffs!

  2. Rob says:


    That is about the most awesome thing I have ever seen.
    I’m going to that website right now. Like… right now.

  3. Angel says:

    *off topic* Us BB lovers do go through them at a rate of knots don’t we…

    This sounds like a fascinating campaign! I am very impressed lately with any company that uses the newest technology to get through to their consumers!

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