Status update on where I am

I’m meant to be packing up my house into boxes but with the heat here today I have exactly a little bit less than half of sweet bugger all motivation or incentive.  I’m also supposed to be euthanising Milo at the vet today, but my heart is just not in it and the thought of having until Monday keeps me putting it off until then.  I know I should do it sooner rather than later, but I just can’t shake the thought of how horrible it is going to be holding a living creature while it dies like I had to do with Kiera.

Jiminy Cricket offered to take him for me, but I feel so bad that he won’t be with someone who loves him like I do.  I think I will take the morning off and go with.  Yes, thats what I will do.  Come Monday, I will pucker up my big brown eyes and be a big girl who don’t cry.

Aside from getting into bed at 3am this morning after dancing up a storm and watching my friend Wallnut gate crash the live band’s stage and take over the microphone, I am tired because of all the stress I’ve had lately.   I don’t need to list the last two months dramatic events, but you all know how badly I want to run away and have a holiday.  The good news is, the tickets have been booked and I leave for Cape Town on the 10th of January.  Yay for a different climate, new faces, a new bed and less stress.  I’m also hoping for some dandy distractions and business on this blog with regards to advertising.  Have you noticed the new tabs at the top of this page yet?  If not, go have a look, tell your friends and help a girl out yo!

There’s love in the air, if you haven’t already been slapped with it by reading my two friends Glug and Angel.  Guys, I can only wish you the very best of love, life and laughter.  I couldn’t think of two better people hooking up and I am proud to say that I know the latest and newest celebrity blogger couple 🙂  Well done, you two.  Its great news and every time I find myself slipping a little into the depression bucket I think of you two and smile, so thank you.  I’m really bummed that I can’t make it for new years like I wanted to, but will definately make a plan to see you in the flesh before I fly out to whichever foreign country I am going to soon.

So thats it really, now you know where I am at with my plans.  I’m moving back into my old flat at my parentals place until I go to Cape Town, so if you have any spare Xanax, Prozac, Heroin or even Rescue drops, please send now.


PS:  I will be blogging for the time being but there might be a period of a few days where I won’t be in which you can imagine me scrounging through every laptop retailers basket from here to timbucktoo looking for a good deal as the one I’m using now belongs to my company and I will be leaving within the next few days.