Sorry. I am here, promise.

I just have had the worst week possible.  I’m having a ‘thing’ right now.  I can’t blog.  I will be back, but I don’t have any inspiration to share with you right now.  Harsh?  Probably.

In the interest of keeping us occupied, but also in a way where I don’t need to use my brain, I’ve decided to open my blog up to my readers.


  1. Don’t fuck with anything in the back ground.  I swear to god, I will hunt you down and shoot you the fuck dead.
  2. Nothing that your mother would be ashamed to read.
  3. NO RACISM / GAY DISCRIMINATION / recipe’s for bunny boiling.
  4. You have the choice of remaining anon or coming clean with putting your name at the bottom.
  5. You can write whatever you like.  Be it for me, for my readers, for yourself, or for no one in particular.
  6. All posts will be authorised before hand, so if you plan on sending me hate mail, plan again dumbass.


  1. Click on the ‘write’ tab up at the top there.
  2. Log in as:  GuestBee
  3. Password: shebeerocks
  4. It will redirect you to the publishing page, write your shit in the block.  Don’t edit font colours, I hate that.
  5. Click on publish.
  6. Wait for me to approve.
  7. Hit the home page repeatedly, increasing not only my stats but also making me feel special, until you see your post.
  8. Don’t forget to comment on the post and then click the follow up notifier in order to read any feed back you may get.
  10. GET SET.


  1. talita says:

    Hope everything passes…with my family you know when things go quiet it’s just that they’ve run out of steam and are recharging for the next Myburgh family drama…I’d write about it but nobody would believe me. Btw – thinking of sponsoring champers for the meet up, firstly because we must celebrate and secondly, I’ve never seen Vincent drunk and am planning on blaming everything on you 🙂 How many do you think we will be?

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