Some nuus.

Jon makes the bed before he gets into it at night.  Not, you know, when he gets out of it like normal* people, but a few seconds before he climbs back into it at night.  Unless of course we have people coming over. Or not, as it happens.  Got into bed last night after having Anglug over for an awesome Sunday roast and realised, with dismay, that I’d forgotten to actually clean the house.  My clothes were lying all over the floor (I’d had a tantrum the night before when I couldn’t find a certain item and threw all of my clothes everywhere in frustration, Jon then piled them neatly (ish) on the floor, where they stayed throughout our guests visitation.  Mortification!

In the mornings, 9 times out of 10, Jon gets up and brings me coffee or smoothies in bed.  He then wakes me up with kisses and cuddles before I can kick him in the nuts moan about not wanting to go to school, mommy.

At night, I cook and he cleans.

We’re redecorating.  Well, we’ve been doing it for MONTHS actually, but things are taking shape now.  I felt very grown up with Angel commented on how pretty the paint colours are for the various rooms.  “That’s ME!  I CHOSE THEM!  I TAKE ALL RESPONSIBILITY, NOT JON!” I scream-thought very maturely.

I’m doing DIY stuff too.  I painted a whole lamp shade recently.  And I have a mental list of other projects I plan to kick off this coming long weekend.  All of them for the home.

So why am I telling you this?  Well, because Jon finally decided to make a decent woman out of me, and has apparently decided that me house-squatting is not kosher**, so we’re officially going to be living together.  Meaning I’ll give up my house completely and only live at his.  One home, how weird!

So yes, I’ll be moving in with my man.  How adult are them apples?

* Look, I’m not dissing him – at least he makes the frikken bed, okay?  I never do.

** Heehee, see what I did there?


    • Shebee says:

      Ahhh you’re too kind Angelpie 🙂 Thank you for coming, it was the perfect Sunday way to end the weekend. And I loved catching up with you and Gluggie selfishly all to myself (and Jon) for a change.

  1. David Alves says:

    Whoop Whoop!

    So does that mean you guys are having a okay-now-we’re-finally-not-effing-around-and-are-living-together-like-a-normal-couple-who-have-been-practically-living-together-go-gawd-knows-how-long-anyway housewarming?

  2. hardspear says:

    In Holland you would now receive cards reading ‘Gelukkige Verkering’ I cannot quite make out if it refers to sex or living together. The Dutch are strange…

  3. BiancaW says:

    When I first started reading I thought “OMG – he hid an engagment ring in the bed for her to find”, and then I calmed down and got ahold of myself.

    Moving in is the next best thing. 🙂

    • Shebee says:

      Bianca WTF DUDE! If he goes the hardware route, the proposal better be effing EPIC for me to say yes. And if the bed is involved it had better be post-coital and not after he wakes me up looking like a thpethal perthon. Where’s your romance and adventure, man?

  4. BiancaW says:

    Bwwwaaahhhhaaa – Hardware! Bwwahhhhaaahhhh!!

    Sorry man. Did I never mention that I have nary a romantic bone in these here body???

    Romance? Blergh. Lets just shag!!! 😉

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