Some blog fodder – I have a special fan.

Every now and again I either receive a blog comment or an email of hate.  I’ve been blogging for enough years now to not take it personally and remember that because the internet allows for anonymity people will say whatever they like because they don’t need to put their name behind it.

It has been a while though, since I received something quite as expletive as this email which arrived at my inbox about four minutes ago:

[click on image to enlarge]

Mother of God, someone better give this dude a fucken chill pill, bru.


  1. cath says:

    The die you die?


    Dave. U. Random?

    Snort. U is for Useless

  2. Shebee says:

    ExMi – I think so too.

    Jenty – agreed hey. I may piss people off regularly, but at least I use my name.

    Cath – oy. Maybe that’s what the mowwwwwntin does to these fuckers?

    Matty – I have no idea what I’ve done this time. Could be one of a milliontyseven things :p

    Cass – or the hole they lost their dignity in.

  3. Arkwife says:

    Wow, that was a pretty creative mail. Normally psychos like that have a very limited vocabulary, pretty much sticking to ‘Die bitch die’ in most cases. I’d be impressed if he wasn’t such a douche.

  4. Tara says:

    With my powerful skills of deduction I can honestly say that the author of that email is:

    1. Wearing white somewhere on their person.

    2. Probably bleeding; and

    3. A woman.

    In other words, it is a lass who is currently surfing the red tide but accidentally stuck the tampon up her nether hole.

    Seriously though, it does sound like someone with girly bits.

  5. Amy says:

    Aww….what a charming young man. *Gag*
    Dude, i know what you mean – you missed my post on Lady Gaga. 146 comments, at least half of which were telling me how much they hate me, how big a cunt i am, or that i need to get a life. People are so weird…

  6. totallycooked says:

    “suck on the arse end of life” is almost poetic 🙂

    you are a very lucky girl Miss SL

  7. ExMi says:


    am rolling here.

    i think we should start a fund to get Dave U Random laid. maybe then she/he will be less of a hater.

    still, i secretly think Dave U Random spelled his/her name S-H-E-E-N-A G-A-T-E-S.

  8. ExMi says:

    fuck man. it didn’t come out right – i meant he/she wishes he/she was sheena. not that it’s sheena.


  9. Shebee says:

    As Mike just said to me on Twitter – “Remember, there’s no “I” in team, but there’s a “u” in cunt. And Dave. U. Random”.

    So, GO TEAM!

    Love that guy.

  10. Arrrrrrrr ARRarrRRRrRR um says:

    Okay. I am sorry I sent that to you. I ate half a package of bacon raw and was waiting for the microwave (ripped the door off and balanced it on my stomach) which accidentally nuked my spleen. I blame Paris Hilton.


    (no seriously, can you imagine LOLcat Pirates?!? Shudder)

  11. mikesharman says:

    ‘Love that guy’ – does that mean a) you love that guy – Dave U. Random? b) you love that guy – my comment? c) you love that guy – Mike Sharman (FTW) ?

  12. MeeA says:

    Wow. Ja, no. I’m really glad I’m too small fry for people to bother sending me shit like this. Eina.

    We still think you’re awesome, Aunty. Total Baby Whisperer en al, ne? My James said so. 😉

  13. Heidi says:

    Dear Dave U Random,

    U have made my day – can we see some more hate mail from U? Maybe U can even send us some pretty cut-out magazine letters to oogle over.

    Have a nice die! 🙂

  14. Cam aka Ches says:

    Sheebs, what exactly is the “die you die”?

    I’m confused…is it Afrikaans? As in “the you the”?

    Because threatening someone with a “the you the” is just offsides I’m mean come on! The rest is ok but you don’t “the you the” someone!!! That’s just wrong!

    Call someone a cunt but leave the “the you the’s” out that’s just foul!

  15. Spencer the Eggwart says:

    Sheeb’s – It’s someone who uses an “old style” internet anon re-mailing service. I wonder who that could be? 🙂

  16. Shebee says:

    Spence I know. It registered in my head too. But really? Still? Sheesh, some people fuel themselves on grudges, it’s so sad.

  17. Richard Coote says:

    I think this is a guy, do woman even use the word cunt?

    On another note, what a tool, and a coward.

    Love you Sheens, You can must like try to enjoy the rest of your die, ok?

  18. stalker says:

    From a stalker, who you know very well and who loves you lots, Maybe get some pepper spray.. just to be safe that guy sounds like he lost one too many marbles

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