So you think YOUR boyfriend is weird?

Jon has done some pretty weird things over the period we’ve been together, like the day he got all excited about some new release xbox game involving Indiana Jones in Lego format and kissed me in celebration.  But none of the things he’s done has ever been as weird enough to lead me to believe he is anything but human.  Enter Stefan from The Vampire Diaries.

I have a friend of a friend who has almost the entire first series of this show, based on a book, and of course me being the upstanding citizen I am, I’ve watched the entire thing already even though the first episode was only aired this week on Vuzu DSTV channel 123.  The plot?

It’s Elena’s first day back at Mystic Falls High School since the tragic death of her parents. Along with her Aunt Jenna, Elena tries her best to look after her troubled younger brother, Jeremy, and salvage what family they have left. The first day is already shaping up to be a struggle for Elena until she meets the mysterious new kid at school, Stefan. Elena is touched that he can relate to what she’s going through. What Elena doesn’t know is that Stefan is a vampire, constantly resisting the urge to taste her blood. As their undeniable connection grows deeper, Stefan’s dangerous older brother, Damon, shows up to wreak havoc on the town of Mystic Falls and claim Elena for himself.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is based on the bestselling book series from Alloy Entertainment, which has recently been re-released and is enjoying time on The New York Times Best Sellers list. Vampire Diaries is also the most watched series premier in US network history.

The point of this post?  Well, I’m kinda being awesome to you guys – there’s something up for grabs.  Wanna know what?  Here’s a clue:


Oh yes, you’re thinking what I’m thinking.  This beauty up there?  Could so be yours!  All you have to do?  Comment here and list the 5 weirdest things your boyfriend has done and stand a chance of winning a Blackberry Bold 9000 Smartphone.

And because DSTV would like as many people to enter as possible, I’m tagging three bloggers who are then allowed to tag three bloggers who are then allowed to tag three bloggers.

All you have to do is tell your readers about the competition, invite them to comment & list the 5 weirdest things their boyfriend ever did and then email to let her know where to look for entries.

What will then happen is Chrizanda will trail the blogosphere, choose her three favourite entries and they will get uploaded to Vuzu’s website.  The public will then vote for their favourite entry.

If yours is voted for, wala! The Blackberry Bold 9000 will be yours!

So go forth and comment, young lassies!

My blogger tags are as follows: Angel, Sezleigh & Cyber_Sass.


  1. Elle says:

    hahaha Stefan rocks totally and yes all you twihards may hate me but I do adore him more than that Cullen boy, you the one with weird stalking thing, that stares at the chicki while she sleeps. arrgh you the one, the one that refuses to have sex till he’s married and has the creepy sniffing heroine thing going for him… yes that one.

    weird boy friend things…

    1) MMSes his pic so I wont forget his face
    2) Asks to rate his kissing
    3) asked me to come with him to his shrink once coz said shrink wanted to meet me. then I watched them argue.
    4)wanted a lock of my hair – very old school I guess.
    5)got very emotionally intense when I said PS2 was better than xbox.

  2. David Alves says:

    So, as I have explained before, I’m no “that way inclined”…and I’m single non-the-less, but will happily post some of the weird things I have done in a relationship:

    1. I brush my teeth in the shower. I don’t know why.
    2. I pile my tea bags one on top of the other during the day to make a mountain’o’teabags…I appropriately name it T-2.
    3. I have, on more than one occasion, placed anonymous “stalkerish” notes in my significant others handbag in the morning hoping she’ll stumble upon them later. I always give-in in the end anyway.
    4. I have been known alphabetize the fridge and spice cabinets…it happens, I’m cool like that.
    5. I can braid hair, had a best “girlfriend in nursery school” who taught me and somehow have never forgotten, it’s almost the only thing I remember from my childhood…eeek!

    Judge me not.

  3. Tara says:

    I was gonna do it but I sat for ten minutes trying to think of at least one thing and I realised that he’s not at all weird.

    Or maybe I’m just far too weird myself to notice.

  4. Shebee says:

    omg Dave – Jon brushes his teeth in the shower too. It even lives there, where the soap bar is supposed to be. Bloody freaks.

    Taraville – yes, yes I can believe that.

  5. Laura says:

    All of you with your normal boyfriends clearly do not feel as passionately about this blackberry as I do. Had David not been a little weird I seriously would have broken up with him and found me a weird boy!

    But I think we all have a little weird in us! I also have to say that my boyfriend is possibly the most awesome boyfriend known to the female race! And his weirdness just makes me love him more!

    1. He licks my cheeks. It annoys me immensely which I think may be the motivation behind it. But he will randomly just lick me. Doesnt matter where we are or who we are with – if the moment hits he licks. Its kinda like having a puppy I suppose.
    2. He sticks his finger in my nose. WHY he does this I dont know. My daughter saw him do it once and now thinks is the funniest thing ever and tries her luck with whoever she is nearest!
    3. He does not allow me to touch handrails because apparently they contain enough bacteria to kill a small nation. So there I will be merrily holding onto the escalator to ensure I dont go cascading down knocking all the other shoppers flying, when bam he whacks my hand off or looks at me very disapprovingly. Maybe he has a point but to me its weird.
    4. He lets me know when he is going to the loo and what he is going to do. It gives new meaning to sharing and caring.
    5. He wakes me up in the middle of the night to tell me he has a very sore pimple.

    There really is no need to carry on with this competition – that blackberry is mine!

    Thank you baby for letting me share – will let you have a bonus lick of my cheek tonight!

  6. The Goose says:

    My turn!

    1. He’s Ginger… (nuff said)
    2. He insists on wearing all his pants below his hips, like a sk8ter… except he’s 29 and has never been a sk8ter…
    3. He has this freakish new obsession with dental hygiene – he has 2 types of floss, a floss catty, a Dentist’s mirror and pick-thing, 2 types of mouthwash and an electric toothbrush.
    4. He has 8 fishing rods.. yes, EIGHT. We’ve been together for 5 years and I have never seen him catch a fish, or go fishing more than once a year… but he has 8 rods.
    5. He pretended to be someone else and commented on a post on my blog.. about himself!

    But I love him just the same….

    P.S. Gingers Rock 🙂

  7. flarkus says:

    Have to name me own 5 weirdest…

    1) Nasty food, featuring an omelette filled with chilli-flavoured pilchards, roasted garlic, herbs and plennnty cheddar

    2) Dressed up as a demon lord to attend a LAN with a bunch of total strangers.

    3) Drove 80km to the south of Johies at 4am in the hopes of scoring a Netbook at Hificorp’s new shop. Then turned around after seeing the queue.

    4) Posted 2kg’s of rooibos to some Canadian, just cos she’d mentioned on a newsgroup that she liked the taste.

    5) Passed out under a bush outside a lecture hall at varsity, after a party, in order not to miss a voluntary class. During the holidays.

  8. Jolanda says:

    Where to start, there are a couple things I can get off my chest here. I have to ask myself if he even notices that he is doing this shit:

    1) Watches Harry Potter with a wand (got from KFC or McDs) in his hand and casts spells with the characters
    2) Refers to younger people as “his minions”
    3) Talks to his penis before sex, as in a “pep talk”
    4) is part of a “Guild” on world of warcraft and is desperate to get into another one because it is better (wtf)
    5) Tweets while on the toilet

    • Shebee says:

      HAHAHAA AHAHHAAA HAAAA! I’m so glad I’m not the only one dating a ritard! LK your no. 5 slayed me! A sore pimple? wahahaa! Goose & Jolanda yours are hysterical! The penis pep talk would make me laugh too much to go on with the horizontal fandango, I swear. I’d be paraletic!

  9. Jolanda says:

    It is difficult to control an outburst of laughter loud enough for our neighbours to hear. But hey, I love the ruh-tard so I hoze myself inside!

  10. ME **** says:


    If you were to weigh up the weirdness of my BF to yours..then..he wins:

    1) When we are looking into each others eyes (ahhhh)while talking, he will RADOMLY lick my sun – or reading – glasses..the reason? I still do not know.. (After 4

    2)While driving..may it be myself or him..he will..(again RANDOMLY) “wet willy” my ear..the fact that we havn’t had an accident yet is a miracle!! 😉

    3)When he is busy with maintenance on the pool, and I would go out to him – While in my PJ’s (have just woken up) – he will (if he gets the chance) throw me in the pool.. (at least he will “throw himself in with me”), with my PJ’s on..NO BRA!! not least I’m fully awake after that..Bacon & Eggs is crucial after this incident.. lol

    4)He will (and this is tooooooooooooo weird) talk to himself..WHILE I’m with him..may it be in the car or while watching TV..his excuse?? He’s thinking out loud!! I beg to differ..haha..p.s: the things he thinks off..LOL

    5)oh..this is good..he found this shampoo: Not sure off the name. The colour: LIME Green (like an jokes.. ;-))..
    he SWEARS by it, as it makes him feel like a child whenever he washes his hair..he’s other shampoo makes his hair fluffy..!!??

    weird..I think so..

    BUT, I would not love him AS MUCH AS I DO, if he wasn’t..

    ..if he had to write the 5 most weird things about me..OMW..i do not even want to know..

  11. AJ Venter says:

    Okay, don’t have a boyfriend, but I’ll list some of the weirder things my past (female) SO’s have done, and then – to be fair, some of my own weirder moments.
    Somebody has to consider the weird crap women do as well ! Well… at least the ones I’m attracted to.

    Top 5 weird things past lovers have done:
    1) An arts-student girlfriend covered me in full-scale girl-make-up for a photoshoot. I was
    much more macho back then, and it took a lot of effort for me to bring myself to let her. As she
    took the last picture, she said “I know how big a thing this was for you… I love you” – that was
    the first time she ever said it ! Was a big thing for her, we’d be going out for nearly six months.
    2) About three of them insisted that leaving the dishes in the sink for the maid to clean tomorrow
    was some kind of sin and would insist on washing them right after dinner… which I think of as “make-out time”
    …the fact that this made for a bored maid the next day did not seem to weigh heavilly on their minds.
    3) One tried to trick me into eating Tofu by disguising it as feta cheese. Yeurch.
    4) One wrote me a stack of “IOU” cards for valentines with various positions and activities on them (from
    french kissing and massage right through to interesting-angle bj’s) … and got annoyed by the time I wanted to
    cash in the third card ! No it wasn’t the same day, it was a week later !
    5) Every single one of them tried to convince me to stop using caffeine… WTF ?!?!?!?

    Top 5 weird things I’ve done in (and out of) relationships:
    1) Regarding a commenter above… I’m not in a WoW guild – I RUN one ! Be greatful.
    2) I am a stickler for efficiency. I put the coffee on first thing in the morning, get my shower while it’s running and
    have it ready when I get out. I hate having my efficient routines disturbed, and if you put keys down anywhere but the keyring
    I get really messed up and confused (and then upset by that).
    3) In direct contrast to the above, my approach to paperwork is a piling system that looks like sheer chaos to other people but
    make perfect sense to me. If you move anything, I will however suffer endless frustration because it isn’t where I left it. Tidying up
    ruins my day – doubly so if somebody else does it.
    4) I tend to get very passionate about topics – and then argue them with long debate diatribes where every point is well researched including
    numerous cited refferences in current research and other data. Hearing “But that’s not how I feel about it” in response makes me want to beat
    myself with a bat in despair for the state of my species…
    5) I absolutely hate and despise SMS’s – phones are the worst devices in the world to type on and I will always make a voice-call if at all
    possible. I’m working on this out of an attempt at respecting other peoples nonsensical love for this horrible technological afterthought,
    I visible cringe when I hear the sound of an incoming text as I simply cannot understand how the spork of the communications revolution became

    And now that I’ve officially written the longest comment, allow me to remove myself from the running for the competition as the thought of owning
    a blackberry (even for free) makes me feel dirty.

    • Shebee says:

      Sheesh AJ, you deserve a medal or something for that essay comment. OCD, much? Hehehe. You’re actually not that different to me. Except I hate phone calls in general and LOVE smses as an alternate means of communication. The less intimate the better*.

      *This obviously depends on WHO the call is from.

  12. AJ Venter says:

    I just find it much more efficient to call. Seriously – we speak for a minute, we can share all the needed information that it would take 50 sms’s to convey – and those sms’s take me an average of 3 minutes each to write (on a computer, I’m a touch-typist with a going rate of well over 100-words per minuted unedited… on a phone, I do about 3)

    • Shebee says:

      no ways – if its to find out info and not just a catch up sms (3 replies at the most) then I’d rather email. Yes, I go to these lengths in order to avoid voice-to-voice contact. I’m that lame.

  13. AJ Venter says:

    Oh I definitely prefer e-mail over … well all the above. As far as i’m concerned phones as such only exist for those occasions when e-mail isn’t available !

  14. Meryl says:

    My guy’s divine. But I sometimes think he’s a bit … different. This may be because of the age gap (he’s 14 years younger than me *smirk*), or it could be that he’s just plain weird:

    1. He can sleep ANYWHERE, anytime.
    Karl can sleep upside down in a cactus. I’ve found him asleep in some very strange places (under tables at friends’ houses, for eg., and no, he hadn’t been drinking!)

    2. He laughs in his sleep.
    Full blown, hilarious, LOUD belly laughs that literally rock the bed and wake the neighbours. He’ll also happily answer questions in his sleep, and without fail, every time I ask him what’s funny, he says “The Pope.”
    WTH? 😉

    3. He breeds tropical aquarium fish for the pet shop industry and his favourite food is fish. Isn’t that a lot like being a cannibal nursery school teacher? I dunno – I think that’s weird 😉

    4. He picks a new culture every so often.
    I think he gets really bored with his old one and gets all informed about another one and falls in love with it. Currently, he’s being a Viking. Yarrrrr!! 😉

    5. He has kitchen amnesia.
    He will randomly walk over and switch off the stove or oven while I’m cooking and then swear blind he didn’t – I WATCHED him do it! I still don’t know why (he swears he loves my cooking)

    I have the best guy in the world, weird or not 😉

    • Shebee says:

      Richard you can always join in with the guys and talk about your girlfriends weird things.

      Meryl, dude – if this was up to me alone I’d say you have the weirdest boyfriend. He’s currently being a viking? wahahahaha!

  15. AJ Venter says:

    @Richard… no it’s not. It’s about individuals, not a gender as a whole.
    If the behavior being discussed was TYPICAL of the gender, it wouldn’t BE weird… it’s the exact OPPOSITE of sexist.

    I wanted to add something though… it says a great deal about SheeBee and her audience that nobody has asked what a spork is, nor needed an explanation for what I meant with the metaphor. Respect ladies and gents !

  16. Meryl says:

    Shebee: *nods*
    He looks good in horns, quaffing 😉

    Just dunno wtf he thinks we’re going to put that longboat ….

    You’re right tho, he’s loopy… in the nicest possible way.
    It might be my influence tho – my cats & horses are also loopy.

    Is just me who’ sane 😉

  17. TaShA says:

    Ok so the weird things my boyfriend / fiance does is as follows: ( I must love him lots for him to be my fiance now).

    *** You are in mid yawn and you think yeah baby, and have just hit that awesome middle part of it, when he decides to stick his finger in your mouth and cut the yawn short (most annoying) He is very very proud of himself afterwards for ruining that moment.

    *** He comes out of the bathroom and feels the absolute urge to tell me the size of his dump, large, small, runny, whatever, and has this sparkle in his eye when telling you, as if he has released gold. BOYS!!!!!

    ***When he is in the mood, he rubs his leg against mine, and says “come on baby”, most most annoying, I am not a cat and need stroking, I am not going to purr stop stroking me……… LOL. Cannot handle it.

    *** He thinks it is the ultimate funny when you are at your height of relaxation on the couch, almost at doze off stage when he runs his finger along the bottom of your foot so you jump at least 50 meters off the couch, he then laughs his head off and is very pleased with himself as he sees it as you found it tickelish but he has in fact completely pissed you off. (bless him)

    Well that is the weirdest things that come to mind at the moment, these happen on a daily basis so they are easy to remember. And sorry baby for sharing the secrets, but hey that is what makes you “special” / weird LOL.

  18. AJ Venter says:

    Richard… so let me see if I follow your logic…
    apparently the knowledge that a significant proportion of the lassies who read SheeBee’s blog would be attracted to men that people outside our little social sphere may consider “weird”… is an unverified assumption that all men are “weird” ?
    Now forgetting for a second that the very definition of the word “weird” excludes the possibility of it applying to ALL men – because then it would be NORMAL… what you’re proposing just doesn’t follow from the available data.

    What I see is, comment on certain individuals praising and humorously teasing them for the ways they do NOT conform to typical stereotypes…
    Again I say – this post is the exact opposite of sexism. Sexism (like all discrimination) lumps people together on one attribute and then assumes other attributes to be true. In the case sexism, it is like assuming all men (the attribute gender) really enjoy anal bleaching (an attribute only a tiny minority of men share).

    In this case – I see a a clear celebration of individuality and the specific traits of people that set them apart from the norm. That is – like I said- the opposite of sexism, in fact, the very opposite of discrimination.

    • Shebee says:

      Actually, i don’t think the content is what bothers Richard. It’s the fact that he can’t win a blackberry due to not having a boyfriend. Hehe. I know him personally and I know without doubt that he wouldn’t have a problem with what’s being discussed in this thread. Now if only he’d get back online and come and give my defense of him some validity.

  19. AJ Venter says:

    I guess that means we got ourselves a case of Poe’s law 😀's_Law

    Though now you point that out… I guess there’s some validity, though it’s still not sexism, men *can* have boyfriends… one could call it discrimination against heterosexual men, but considering that as such – we get all the breaks already, I’m sure we can survive not winning one blackberry 😛

  20. cassey says:

    Hmm clearly I won’t win cos my husband isn’t as weird as everyone else’s guys. There are only 2 things that he does that qualifies for weird:

    1) He will not have breakfast without me…even if i’m still sleeping and his been up for 2-3 hours, I so couldn’t do that so it’s weird to me.

    2) He can’t go to bed without brushing his teeth; his doozed off before, woken with a start and gone to brush his teeth. Strange.

  21. stalker says:

    Let me try….

    1. He loves making me make farting noises in bed (not with his mouth or mine… air bubbles)

    2. At that point of release he makes a deep throated primal growl (does not sound put on)

    3. Hates hair and removes all from head to toe with a clipper

    4. Called my kitties puppies even when corrected.

    5. He washes dishes to relax … (not complaining)

  22. kimmybanks says:

    Well… Let’s see. I like to think my boyfriend is pretty weird, but that’s what I love bout him.

    1. He has these really vivid dreams about his maid, Rosie. Which causes him to repeat her name over and over and flail around in his sleep. He even hit me right between the eyes once 😛

    2. Every time I’m right and he’s wrong, he will defend himself by making retard noises and then walk away to go sulk

    3. After watching even ONE episode of the Sopranos, he will try to immitate Tony Soprano for at least a week

    4. He will always, without fail, expect a high five after he’s farted, with this accomplished look on his face. Like he just cured cancer

    5. Whenever we go grocery shopping, he will repeat the words “cheese wedges” in a demonic voice, for the entirety of the trip

  23. *insert name here* says:

    Hands down i Have the weirdest bf 🙂

    1. He’ll send me the most random texts when i’m in class. Like, i’m sitting there doing math and he texts me saying ‘i want to own my very own a duck brothel’
    2. He’ll throw pebbles at people and swear blind it was me.
    3. He’ll call me at like 3 in the morning and ask what to does he want for breakfast.
    4. He refers old people to turtles, and tells me when his parents are having sex. Referring to them as turtles on redbull
    5. I brought him home to meet my father (fat greek man) and he thought it’d be funny to wear a mankini, luckly i saw him and put him in one of my father’s clothes.

  24. David Alves says:

    Congrats babe (Arkwife)! The boyfriend really does sound like a weirdo…! Big on you for putting up with him, make me wonder why I’M still single! LOL! Enjoy the phone, may you enjoy many hours of Blackberryness’ness!!!

    All’s well that ends well, thank you to Vuzu for the nomination, it was a pleasure taking part in the competition! Rocking! And thank you to all who voted for me and thank you to Sheena for the support…you rock hard dudette!!!

    If anyone is interesting in seeing the “New Face of Dave”—> This is my new blog (general switch to WordPress!) >>><<&lt;

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