So you like what you see? Well, I do. Thats what counts. A thank you speech:

So, a lot of you have mentioned that this is my 4th move in a year, and that you are now getting motion sickness. Ag toughies man, pull up your socks and take it like a man!

Hehe, ag I’m only joking. You’re right, of course. It has been a roller coaster ride following me around the interwebz and I thank you for those who have stuck with me through think and thin.

I originally was going to stick with my shebee.wordpress blog as it was simple and free and did the job. But those of you who know me that I am nothing if not extravagant, and quite frankly, it just wasn’t pretty enough for me. For the geeks though, I missed out on polls, plug-in’s, theme changing abilities and basically, the freedom a self-hosted domain gives you. I was sort of content with my lot, until a friend of mine opened up a can of worms not so long ago.

Paul aka Peel-a-keys: Dude. I have hosting abilities, is free, why don’t you get the domain and I’ll host it for you? At first I reacted much like a cat to water. Most of you will remember what happened the last time I had my own blog… the host was found wanting, to put it very fucking politely. I didn’t want to give someone that control over me again, I was worried that a friendship would be compromised again, I was lazy to redesign the website all over… endless reasons, and so I turned him down.

And then my birthday came around the corner, and I think he tried to impress me so that I could send him virtual blowjobs, because next thing I knew, was my domain, registered and ev’thing and just waiting for me to pluck my theme and paint it with perfume.

By the time I finally got around to it, I realized just how much prep he actually did for me. Most plug-in’s were already installed, and he set up the word press compatability for me. I literally had to install the theme and tweak it to my own requirements. Nevertheless, I feel very special and loved and spoiled by Paul, and would like to officially say thank you and also state that I owe him a blowjob in between hosting fees and whatnot.

Also, I would like to point out that I have found a man with the patience of a Tibetan monk, who explains things to me in lay mans terms, step by step and is unbelievably helpful. Thank you Elton, your encouragement and tips and rescues when I stuff up are invaluable to me. Aside from making me giggle, I’m lucky to have you on my contacts list :).

Then, finally, a special mention to Denny Coote(r). Ladies, this man has a sexy voice, let me tell you. Even when wired on mugg ‘n bean coffee after six hours. Thank you for coming to my rescue on Twitter last night just after I announced how badly I screwed up the style sheet of my theme.

Sorry, due to a proxy browser, the link button won’t show. So here’s where you need to click to read more about these divine modern day knights in shining armour:



  1. Paul says:

    blowjobs ? screw that! I want money!

    sex = sex

    money = sex, drugs, booze and more sex

    seriously though i didnt do (that) much its a pleasure 🙂

    now get your zine on!

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