So much of happiness going on here.

I am no longer sticking my head in the sand.  I don’t feel as anxious or as worried about the immediate future.  Once again, my life has changed but I have so many things to look forward to:

  • Sue is coming to Durban.
  • Vince and Talita are introducing me to The Best Pizza In The World ™ soon.
  • Cath is getting a new red Nigel.
  • Cameron says ‘awesome’ now.
  • My first god daughter has just turned 6.  Six!  Three weeks after Kiera was born, Nikki came into my life too and she is now six.  I sacrifice my fear of fish for her on Saturday, at uShaka Marine World.  But I do it gladly, for she is now six!
  • I have things to write about.  The block is gone!
  • My own bed is back with me and it is soooo comfy.
  • I absolutely love my new bedroom.

Things that went on outside of this blog weren’t told about, but I’m happy to report that I am on the mend mentally, physically, emotionally and metaphorically.  Also literally, just for good measure.

And finally, are you read for it?  It’s a big piece of news: I am getting my ass into gear and am going on a holiday to CAPE TOWN!

For those of you who don’t know, I left Cape Town in a bit of a hurry earlier this year. A flight was booked in the middle of the night.  I said to myself that I wouldn’t hurry back.  But let’s face it, Cape Town has not only the mowwwwwntin, but a select few people that actually rock my world, and these people have convinced me to come to them, in manner of Jesus and his disciples*.  Except if anyone is going to be the messiah, it sure as shit isn’t going to be me.

I’m feeling so inspired, inspirational and insipid at the same time.  I write, write, write and write some more, and for the first time in a while, I woke up this morning with a smile on my face. An actual goofy assed, “look at me I’m happy” grin.

Fake It November ™ is going to be a brilliant month, I can feel it.  More importantly, I can hardly contain myself.  I. Can. Hardly. Contain. Myself.
* Ha ha, please don’t send me hate mail, I didn’t mean it.


  1. Jeanette says:

    Hope you have a brilliant time in CT!!
    Glad the block has gone… now how did you do it, because I’m there now. I can only think about mind numbingly boring stuff to blog about

  2. Shebee says:

    Steve – I so am! I can even hear myself bzzzz bzzz bzzzing all over the room. Oh wait, that was the mini fly I just gulped down with water :/

    Jenty – thank you my love. How did I block the block? I didn’t stress about it. I knew I’d get my mojo back 😉

    Swiss thank you my darling. I missed you on twitter tonight xoxo

  3. B says:


    If I wasn’t so jealous I would be doing the dance of joy (Belki Bartokomis is a sex god) right now!!

    Really glad to hear you are buzzzing about beeeeeeeing awesome..

  4. Goblin says:

    SHEBEE IN KAAPSTAD!!! WOOOOOT!!! I swear I’m going to be sitting wherever when you arrive and I’m going to feel a shift in the air as the whole city just got a bit more awesome.

  5. justBcoz says:

    Heh … I’m at the top of your list of things to look forward to!!

    *feels ridiculously special*

    And The Bee is coming to the mowwwntin!


  6. vincent says:

    Awesome to see you’re excited about meeting us. Trust me we’re as excited to meet you and have pizza!

    Clearly the company is better than the best pizza in the world!

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