So, I’ve moved house…

It has been a long, eventful month so far.  I’ve had to make decisions on so many things, and I’m the type of person who battles to choose between tampon brands so you can imagine how kiff it’s been for me.

So, for those of you don’t know, I’ve moved out of The Shath to live with my SIL for a while.  My brother is away on assignment for a few months and she’s staying alone.  Also, financially it works out a lot better for me.  So the move happened this morning.  I am so proud of my little car – it took almost everything in one go! Aside from the bigger things which I will have to go back to pick up with one of my brothers or a certain male type person I have been seeing from time to time…

I’m now sitting outside listening to beetles and watching the lighthouse shine over the sea and the valley, beautiful.


  1. Amy says:

    You have another room with a beautiful view ? I must be living in the wrong place! Funnily enough, inland Australia doesnt have any lighthouses, or beautiful bays….

  2. dash says:

    MMM lighthouses are soooo cool. I like when it is night time and all you can hear is the crash of the sea and the occaisional flash of the light.

  3. Andre says:

    So, howzabout a photo of the view then, huh?
    So us land-locked’s can share?
    Or maybe even a little vid. With audio?
    Sod all this tagging bollocks, I’m dishing out projects!

  4. Shebee says:

    aims at this rate babe it looks like you’ll be coming to visit me before i get to oz land. Then you’ll see for yourself how pretty it is here. And dude. You eat kangaroo’s? Wtf? CANDY! hello darling heart xxx DASH this light house is far, but clearly visible. I just wish the christmas beetles wouldn’t ruin my outside experience. EXMI fartface, shot man x CATH, I do suck. Very well, so i’ve been told. Eew, TMI! ANGEL PIE- i haz skills that which you doth not possess. Hehe x ANDRE OH FINE. i’ll do photo’s, k? Sunshine thanks man. Its far, but nice 🙂

  5. candles says:

    hello lovely one 🙂 i’m back… prepare to be irritated by my snobbish presence. does candles become me? i feel incredibly snobbish using my name these days… i’m trying to snob myself down a bit… i think it frightens people… but not you sheebs, never you… you’re a brave, brave girl… and i love ya, honey xxx

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