So, a few things [updated with photos]:

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Look at my face. Just look at it. When did all that fat get there?

  • My name (my real one, Sheena, not SheBee) is being immortalized by one of my blog readers. She happens to be a several times published author, and has informed me that her latest character in her latest book is based on and named after me. I am beyond flattered!
  • I sat on my bum and watched Idols the WHOLE DAY on Saturday. It was blissful. I only got changed out of my jarmies in the afternoon when Jon forced me to go to the shop with him.
  • I am going on Weight watchers. I’m tired of watching my waist expand and doing nothing about it. I’ve already been watching what I eat for a week or so, but I need proper motivation. Hopefully my team leader or whatever will be whip-wielding.
  • I am sick of salad. Fact.
  • I love my new Blackberry and Mac. I’m such a nerd.
  • Work kicks ASS! I fucking LOVE my job.
  • Random photos:
I'm sorry - why do I look like I'm about to slap my boyfriend?

I'm sorry - why do I look like I'm about to slap my boyfriend?

Awesome, now I'm about to head-butt him. What *were* we talking about?!

Awesome, now I'm about to head-butt him. What *were* we talking about?!


    1. cassey says:

      i don’t think it looks like you’re going to slap your bf. bout the weight if it doesn’t seem like normal weight game/or is more than from just eating junk you might wanna chat to your gp about it…i thought i was just getting fat, turned out to be more than that

    2. BiancaW says:

      Good luck with WW. It really does work – if you put the effort in. Which is what I am struggling with!!

      I wish I loved my job the same way you love yours!

    3. mommanats says:

      I feel the same way about my “fat” face, butt, arms, belly and even calves.

      Why the hell will fat deposit itself on your calves – it’s fucking gross man!

      Good luck with weight watchers!

    4. flarkus says:

      Before turning to WW, a dietician or anyone/anything which will charge me to tell me I need to change my habits, we did this:

      – Reduce the junk food intake (not eliminate, but drastically reduce)

      – Increase the fresh foods, like fruit and veggies (proper stuff from the grocer or market, not prepackaged)

      – Watch how you prepare foods and try to make more things which are not fried, or contain too many condiments

      – Get out and take more walks.

      Basically, make some simple changes, which focus the mind on healthier living.

    5. Alet says:

      Wish I could say I fucking love my job!
      Good luck with the weight-watchers – keep us updated on your experience with it πŸ™‚

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