Sneaky sneak preview!

I know, I’ve been scarce again.  As of tonight it stops, promise!  I’m doing a guest post for Glugster tomorrow.  Want a preview?  Okay:

[…] What she doesn’t realize is that the owner, her senior boss and person who issues her salary, is a family friend of ours, already penciled into my mothers diary for tea tomorrow. Plans to “sort out this little issue” have already been made and mark my words:  this woman will go down.  To China town.  With a clown.  And a frown.

So, let her put *that* in a pipe and smoke it, then let her try and call me a spoiled brat one more again, because at least after tomorrow’s meeting her accusation will have some grounds to it. I’m going Old School, bitch – I told my mommy on her! […]

Grrr, insurance dudes!  Its just not cool – I’m not coping well.  I’ve even gone back to painting my nails furiously.  I wish I would change that to my eyebrows because damn, they certainly need attention.

Back soon – kisses!