Skype Video Call With My Mother


Mom: Did you get my email with the eBooks for your kindle?

Me: Ye, they just came through.

Mom: Well check if it works on your Kindle!

Me: Nah, it’s a mission to do while I’m talking to you.  They’ll work don’t worry.  You sent them in PDF right?

Mom: No, in kb’s.

Me: Mom, that’s the size of the file.  What format did you put it in?

Mom: Oh, hahaha, sorry, it’s a zip format.

Me: Oh my god.


I hear muffled sounds and then suddenly a whack, crash, static and then:

Mom (to Wokkie in the background): Warrick, get the microphone OUT OF YOUR MOUTH.

Wokkie: mfomfomwah.

Me: Guys, seriously, could you settle down and just talk to me rather?

Mom: Sheena-Laura, he’s impossible! He goes like this [grabs mic, stuffs it into her mouth] mfomfomwah itshom glompt!

Me: Ja I know, I saw it on the camera remember?

Mom: Oh ya, I forgot.


Next minute, Skype lags and her screen freezes:


Me: Jesus! I have earphones in – don’t shout!

Mom: Show me your cat babies.  Oh look at them they’re so precious! HELLO SEASEA CAT GRANNY’S DARLING! Oh look Wokkie, there’s AllyCat too YOU’VE GOT SO BIG ALISTAIR! AWWW GIVE GRANNY A KISS!

Me: Okay mom, I’ve got a lot of work I need to catch up on now so I’m going to-

Mom: Oh but just quickly look at this, and then I want to tell you about [blah blah blah for another hour]


Must admit though, it was awesome seeing them again.  I can’t wait for this weekend’s road trip!


  1. cath says:

    classic, classic fandamily shiz. One question..please tell me that’s Wok’s foot and not your mom’s own? Otherwise I’m hooking her up for a gymnastics troupe. Seriously.

    Love you OtherMama! xxx

  2. Mam says:

    Definitely Woks foot my other child (Lots of love to you darling Cath). Sheen remember I learnt to type on a manual typewriter that had black and red ribbon in and thunk, thunk went the keyboard and it was a monstrosity. Skype is such fun and I can not even begin to think how it works all I know is Wok and I get to see your darling face and my precious feline family. Have a safe road trip with J. my B.E.J. (Jon my Blue Eyed Jew) we cannot wait to see you two. The bet is still on about the dancing thing – watch I will win. Love you Sheena-Laura xxxxx

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