Sheen Meme

I’m lazy as all hell today, my interwebz are fuxored and I’ve done far too much work to allow me some creative juices a flow, so here’s a meme I copied off an email.  Bite me:

* Two names you go by:  

1.       Sheen

2.       Sheebs

*Two things you wearing right now: 

1.         Multi coloured, low cut poka dot shirt

2.         Silver sandals

* Two things you want very badly at the moment: 

1.        My pasta to auto-magically warm itself up so I don’t need to trek to the kitchen

2.        Those papers to come together. I need to know man!

Two things you did last night: (significant)  

1.             Bent myself into a pretzel at Yoga


 2.           Had a few toots with the girls


* Two things you ate today  

1.            Nothing

2.            Yet  

* Two people you last spoke to:  

1.           A male collegue with a sexy voice.  

2.           Cath. We bitched and moaned and threw a tantrum or two.

*Two things you’re doing this weekend: 

1.          Sleeping in like  a motherbitch, I’m still trying to recover from my bday weekend.


2.          Eating some form of meat, I need protein, feeling anaemic.  Aneamic. Aneeemick.  The thing where you have not enough blood and your eyes are dark.  Ja, that thing.

Two longest car rides:  

1.      Sheppie to Hermanus then Pilansberg


2.      Cape Town to Mozambique

Two favorite beverages: 

1.             Very sweet tea or hot chocolate with just water

2.             Coke 

I tag everyone who reads this. Don’t try sneak out the back, I saw you, Bitch! Yes – even you! Sit down.




  1. 6000 says:

    Yeah – I’ve done that Cape Town to Mozambique one too.

    Bloody annoying – I was only off to Woolies for some milk and I went left at the robots in Wynberg – DOH!

    Incidentally, there is no Woolies in Maputo, but I found a goat to milk.

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