Shamy & a geek fest.

This weekend is Dark Carnival’s annual geek-orgy.  There’s a crap load happening and Jon starting talking about it IN JANUARY ALREADY.  Things kick off in the morning and go right on until late Saturday night, one of the things being an outdoor 6 HOUR Startrek Star Wars marathon.  Hold me back, you guys, I cannot contain the excitement*.

Part of being in an awesome relationship is something about compromise, and being the dutiful better half that I am, I asked Jon to pick what he wanted to see ahead of time so we could possibly go through later in the day and stay for a tiny bit of the Startrek Star Wars marathon, which meant that he would get a proper feel of the vibes and whatnot.  He comes back to me with the following this morning:

11:30pm – Pet Parade. Bring your pets and dress them up. Please make sure all dogs are well socialised and will not be eating any of the festival goers and their pets. Meet in the main arena.

12:00pm – Cosplay. The costume competition will be taking place on stage at the main arena. Contestants will be strutting their stuff dressed as their favourite character.

13:00pm – Robo War. This will be taking place at the top arena. The super brainy contestants will battle robots they have built against each other.

14:00pm – Second quiz in beer garden.

15:00pm – Second LARP demo

16:30pm – Zombie Run starts

17:30pm – Prepare for Star Wars Marathon in the movie arena. Pick your spots and make yourselves comfy for a 6 hour Star Wars marathon.

The pet parade sounds intriguing. The cosplay (dress up) portion may be funny. LARP…. no thanks. The quiz could be funny. So I’m thinking be there 11:30, watch some stuff… grab lunch and check out stalls. Then watch one Star Wars movie at 5:30? Or is that too long and drawn out?  Oooh, the Robo war sounds interesting too.

God-damnit.   So I agreed that we could go THE WHOLE DAY as long as he was prepared for me to make fun of everything and everyone.  That’s the deal.  Also, he’s not allowed to tell anyone if I display any signs of geekery or enjoyment.  I’m cool and hip, remember.

Says the girl who just celebrated her 29th birthday dressed up as one half of ‘Shamy’ aka Sheldon & Amy from The Big Bang Theory (birthday bash blog post still coming).


Sheldon Cooper, Twitter-Necia & Amy Farrah Fowler


*sarcasm font


  1. Rebecca says:

    We’ll see you there. My Zombie obsessed kid is desperate to see the Zombie run. Man, have I answered a lot of questions about this!

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