Seven months on parenthood

It’s been seven months. Seven months ago we were getting ready to book into a hotel for a night of romance to celebrate our first year of marriage. Instead, I ended up getting shredded in a different way than expected, and had a human yanked out of my abdomen. Fun times. The first few weeks were slavery, sleep-deprivation and re-addiction to caffeine to keep myself standing. The next few months were all about routine and tiny milestones (He can smile! He makes real poos! He knows how to play peek-a-boo! Look, he can take a cloth off his face! Yes, he’s stopped howling at bath time! Oh wow, he almost slept through last night! Wow, when I hold him up right he keeps himself there for a split second before face planting the floor – progress!) that we celebrated with glee. Month seven has to have been my best yet.

Suddenly, my child laughs. Laughs his heart out, with his head tilted back and his eyes squeezed closed. He laughs like he’ll never know sorrow in his life, and I so very much wish it could stay like that forever. He laughs at me, at his dad, at the pool noodle, at his toys, at the bath ducks, at the cats – oh how he laughs at the cats.

[VIDEO] My mom is funnier than yours.

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His own hands and feet are fascinating and I’m amazed at how long he’ll stare at them, but nothing compares to how much he LOVES his animals. Our three cats have been wary at best whenever it came to Aiden being near them. Elvis, the tiny little sick one basically on his death bed, was the bravest of them all and quickly realised that the baby was a source of warmth and so liked to sleep wherever Aiden was. Until Aiden learned how to wriggle. Then suddenly Elvis was out, and Pixel realised that the wriggling baby was a play-thing. Since that moment our eldest cat has busied himself being the amusement of our human baby. Mogzi, the only other female in our home claims anything soft and horizontal of Aiden’s as her personal sleeping throne. She’ll come up to Aiden for a head bump, but she’s far too fluffy to stay out of his grasping little baby paws and has learnt that being too close = fur removal, so she pretty much keeps a purring distance to the baby now. That doesn’t stop the baby from using his voice to try and coax her over with a cat-only dedicated call.

[Video] Pixel playing at being the entertaining older brother. Aiden finds him hilarious.

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Pixel plays with Aiden’s toys, rolls around in front of Aiden and provides his tail for chewing like it was just dangling on his body all these years for this very purpose.

How To Make a Crawler. Involve cat. #Aidenandfurbabies

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Aiden can finally sit. This has given me minutes on end to do things with. For instance, I can now pull his toys into the bathroom with me and set him up on the donut to play while I have a decent shower and actually rinse the shampoo out of my hair properly for a change.

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Aiden can also now stand. Since realising this for himself, he refuses to lie flat for as long as his eyes are open. Putting him into any position other than standing requires quite a bit of wrestling and distraction. It also signaled to Jon and myself that it was time to lower his cot – which promptly fell apart, twice, right in the middle of bed time when Aiden declared himself exhausted and howled for his bed, snug-bug giraffe and dummy, as one does.

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Seven months in, solids are no longer the enemy, bed time is a given and not a fight, bath time is a joy and play time an artform of which he loves an audience. Aiden giggles, reacts in shock and fascination when relevant and is absolutely obsessed with the Christmas lights on our tree (which has yet to be taken down) and also the shiny, silver bath drain. He is his own little person and is quick to tell us when he likes or dislikes something. Seven months old baby is definitely way more fun than five week old baby.

Even the way he’s learnt to shake his head no at absolutely every single suggestion we present to him is cute. He has us totally wrapped around his finger, and we don’t even mind. I just hope this doesn’t mean that we’ll be those doting parents over a screaming, horrible toddler where everyone cringes around him and we think there’s nothing wrong. This is where I’ll rely on my friends and family to tell us the truth. Because right now even the sounds he makes while pooing make us giggle. That’s normal, right?


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