Seduction by way of literature in the most non sexual way.

I have a poem. Someone wrote it. For me.

I am touched, and speechless.

It has made my Monday. Thank you, you who knows who you are.


Edited to add a poem of my own that I wrote not so long ago. it holds nothing on the poem I received today, but provides a perfect time for me to post my words. I’m in that kind of mood, okay:

You once…

You once said you were a tough man but
One who was able to write the sweetest poem I’d ever read.
You once told me you had found a best friend in me.
You once promised to lick my tears
You once said those tears would never come by any cause you’d done

You one made me laugh so hard I thought I would surely die of happiness
Which made it even harder for me when you made me cry
You planted a seed in me that gave life to a newborn child
You tore out my heart, ripped it apart and threw it into the blowing wind

You once said you would be the one to show me life
All you did was take it away from me
You once promised me trust and love
All I had from you was heart ache and lingering memories of pain

You once said you would be here for me
The one time I needed you, you were gone
You once said you would protect me from evil
It turns out, you were that Evil.

Evil you, hurt me
No life, only death
I will never forget
Go away, leave me be