Savour the Sizzle of Mozambique

Last night Jon and I attended a dinner at Southern Sun’s OR Tambo Airport hotel.  It was a buffet feast inspired by dishes from Mozambique.  Although I don’t eat the shell fish, the other guys at our table went crazy for the lobster cooked over open fire, prawn dishes in different variations, fresh crab and a whole fish on the bone.  Obviously with my silly little fish phobia, I glanced over these dishes and dived into the coconut chicken, roasted beef and vegetables, insanely good bean soup and the tastiest, most scrumptious starters I’ve had in ages.  Cheeses, breads, salads and cold meats (I may or may not have inhaled an entire camembert cheese wedge – no judgies allowed!).

Southern Sun OR T have imported a few chefs from Mozambique to come and share their techniques, and to learn a few South African kitchen secrets too.  And you can tell with the food, it’s authentic and beautifully unusual to what you get anywhere else.

Gosh.  I’m still full.

The staff are hilarious too.  When Aasia asked one of the chefs behind the buffet where she could find the prawns, he answered without a second’s hesitation “Under the sea!” before realising that she actually meant where she could dish some up.  Hahahaha!  We giggled about it all night.

And we ran into Chef Benny, of the Masterchef SA judging fame.  Always such a wonderful guy, too. I love how humble and friendly he is.


Anyway, even though this was technically a work event for me, it’s well worth a blog post.  Because if you’re in JHB East and feel like a treat, now is the time to do it.  Savour the Sizzle of Mozambique is only on for tonight and tomorrow 7 – 9 May only, and then it’s over-kadovers, buddy.  So for R290 per person, and a booking in advance, you will walk into one of the biggest buffet spoils available to Joburgers right now.


To book call 011 977 3600 or email and meet the friendliest, funniest staff members and chefs.




  1. BiancaW says:

    Totally off the subject……you and Jon are looking AWESOME!! Whatever it is you are doing….keep it up!

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