Saturday morning: Kulula’s Most South African Flight

On Saturday morning Jon and I woke up with excitement in the air.  For two reasons:

  1. We’d had no electricity at home since 4pm on Friday, so to get out of the house was great, and
  2. We were going on the most South African flight ever, hosted by Kulula

The build-up of hype and excitement had been coming for weeks.  Little teasers in my inbox here, a few tweets from @Kulula there, and then one or two posts on Facebook too.  I kind of knew what to expect, but didn’t.  So I eventually gave up trying and just let the experience take over and be fun.  And it was.

We were greeted at the check-in counter by dudes dressed in traditional South African attire, and little bowls of Niknaks, biltong and other SA goodies on the counter to snack on while we waited for the boarding passes.

Inside the boarding gates there were photo shoots, Lonehill Estate band members, strikers, shlebs and other Saffas milling around, dancing, playing soccer or dressed as aliens.  You know, usual things you see at the airport…

At the boarding gates we were surprised by a pop-up behind the green curtains performance of Jack Parow, hilariously opening his act with sound issues and “it’s my favourite thing about being in music, other people make you sound kak!”.

On the way into the plane we had gum boot dancers showing us the way, playing up to the cameras and dancing and jiving.

Inside the plane we had comedians, celebs posing for photos, a choir of angel-voices singing the national anthem (which gave me goosies), as well as padkos which really tickled my fancy

  • Boere sushi (biltong)
  • Larny sarmie (Cheese, tomato zarm)
  • Mopani worms (sour worms)
  • Twisted sista (koek sisters)

And an awesome goodie bag to end it all off, containing the South African essentials:

  • Mielie meal
  • Zambuck
  • Ouma rusks
  • Peppermint crisps

I’m drawing a blank on the rest.  I think I’m too tired 😛

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Click to enlarge.

Thanks so much Kulula, what a fun way to spend a Saturday morning!


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