Right. So my story goes like this:

There is a girl. She’s in her 20’s and she is addicted to heroin, aka white dragon, crack, tik. It’s illegal either which way you call it, and it is fucking up her life. She lives with her boyfriend who is a drug dealer by profession.

This girl also has two babies. Her daughter is 2 and her son is a mere 7 months old. He was born addicted to this drug and as such, wakes up at all hours of the night screaming, shaking & generally jerking because his body doesn’t know how to survive without it.

Fast forward four months, where this girl comes out of a rehab stint that lasted two months. She is clean for the first and longest time in four years. She makes a decision to not ever allow herself or her children back into that lifestyle, and so she moves to the South Coast to stay with people who love and care for her.

Two weeks later, she phones her children, who have been staying with their granny up to this point, and she gets no answer. She dials another number and it goes straight to voicemail. She sms’es her ex boyfriend and he tells her to get fucked, she won’t get her kids back until she comes home to him.

Emotional blackmail, people.

What would you do? Would you go back? For the sake of your kids, would you be exposed to the drugs and that lifestyle again if you could only just be with them?

I don’t know if I would. And I know that she didn’t. She chose herself in order to choose her family. She chose to get her life sorted out, and to become a person that would be capable of looking after two other human beings.

The people she was now living with on the coast helped her in court to win back her children. The judge’s final words were “no body on this earth has the right to seperate a mother from her children unless she is harming them in a long term situation”. All this girl wanted was to love them and show them that their Mommy still cared.

The children are now safely with her, in their new home, living on the coast. They don’t have much but they have each other.

Thank you to all the people involved, you know who you are, in helping my cousin get her children back. And thank you to my Mom, who is housing all of them with love and care.

I am lucky to be part of the family I belong in, they are an amazing lot, they truly are.

On a lighter note: I have just created a Loot wish list. I just thought I would mention that in passing.