Remember that birthday list I did?

  • Smaller earphones for my nokia Ja, errr, don’t worry. That phone broke over the weekend, remember.
  • GHD Hair Straightener (I would sell my left boob for one of these) Fine, I won’t get one, but I was given a new other straightener that works surprisingly well.
  • Car Service (really needed) Parentals said they would take care of that. Shot, Ma.
  • Funky hats (you know I can never get enough of these)
  • Shoes, size five. All colours. Need pumps, don’t have enough.
  • Mtn airtime for my stupid TopUp 3g card that only ever works when it wants to
  • Some crack for the addiction, ya know?
  • A hairy man to..erm, spend time with me.
  • Veet (that shit is expensive!)
  • Stationery (need pens, Gremlins at home ate all of mine)
  • An audience with Khan of Parlotones
  • The ability to listen to my mom when she tells me not to do something. She’s always so right.
  • GPS thingieThedivine MsB has kindly given me her spare one! Could you believe it?

Yup, so thats where I am with the birthday list. Woop! Yes, I know, I am totally taking all the fun out of surprise gifts, but if you know me you would know that I *hate* surprises, unless I’m the one doing them. Even then I stuff it up though, I’m a terrible secret keeper. Just so you know.

Anyway. Thats all.

19 more sleeps! Woooooo hoooooooooo. I love birthdays, I get so excited. Its not even about the prezzies, its about the day being all about YOU, and the right to do what you please, and also, not what doesn’t please you. And, no one is allowed to be horrible or rude or ugly. Plus, everyone knows that its only natural that you get your way with *everything* on that day.

Well, thats how it works in my world at least.

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