Reality check

  • Weighed myself this morning.  Shock.  Back on health kick, 2 weeks and counting.  Has taken me months to get on the scale, was too scared.  Now I know where I’m at.
  • Been supporting Jon as spectator over the last few months as he takes part in marathons.  Am over the FOMO I get every time, next time round I’m signing up for a 5km walk.  Can’t run yet, will have suffocation by boobage.  Baby steps.
  • Salad at night sucks, so am well into veggies and soups again, yay for Winter.
  • Stress does not a happy comfort-eater make.
  • Fuck.  Feeling determined, but horrified and vulnerable.




  1. BiancaW says:

    You are preaching to the converted here bud. A few months ago, I was at my heaviest. Have been far too heavy for about 15 years or so – but keep trying the quick fixes. Have taken about 16 0r 17 weeks to lose 5kgs. Seriously, it is so slow it is soul destroying. BUT – I have finally managed to get my head around the fact that slow is better. Everyone says so – it must be true. The hardest part of slow is that it gets really hard to stay focused. I am doing Weight Watchers – but on my own – not joining a class or anything. Just slowly but surely, counting my points every day and weighing every week (Er, sometimes every day when I get a tad obsessed).

    Hang in there. Slow and steady IS the way to do it. Even though it sucks donkeys balls!

  2. Andrea V says:

    A little help for the “stress eating” thing – try taking 1000mg Vitamin C every morning.
    I read lots of things about health/stress eating/cortisol (the nasty chemical you produce when you are stressed that causes all the happy fat bunnies to congregate and have a party in your belly area) and 99% of the articles said to take vitamin C every morning – 1000mg.
    It’s not a miracle tablet – you still need to do the exercise and all that, but I can say that it’s helped me quite a bit. Not too sure WHY it works – but it does.

    Just my 20cents 🙂


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