Pros and Cons

There are definite advantages of being a twenty something single female in this day and age. However there are also distinct disadvantages.


– I get to go out with whomever I want and not have to justify one person to another
– I spend a lot more time with my friends than I ever have
– My money is spent on me and me alone
– My dog sleeps in my bed and no one can say a word
– If I want to do my house in pretty pink circles and green dashes, I can.
– My cupboard is widely spaced in between clothes and not bunched up like it would be if I had to share
– I meet lots of people all the time because I get up and go places when I feel like it


– I have no man to fight my battles for me like my assistant has. Even though he’s a man himself, he gets his asshole boyfriend/fiancé to do all his dirty work for him.
– When the lights go out like they did last night, I sit alone with the candles and a growling dog and a howling puppy
– If I oversleep like I did today, no one wakes me up
– I have to make my own coffee. All the time.
– I can’t hug a man just cos he’s had a bad day. That’ll just look like I’m trying to bone him.

I miss my exes. All of them at this point. Even Nick who was gay, and Jacques who preferred my girlfriends to me, and Graeme who was a nerd and Carl who was just weird and especially Jaun who sells caravans for a living.