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This post is not sponsored, nor have I been given any freebies to write about it.  

I’ve been dying to tell you guys about Pretty Things For You.  I am just so damned impressed with them, I feel they deserve a blog post all about it.

As some of you know I was put in charge of hosting and organising ExMi’s baby shower.  As I am the godmother.  Did I mention that I am the godmother?  And that ExMi’s baby is my GODCHILD?  Godmother, guys.  Just saying.  Anyway, if it were up to me I’d have had the guests bungee jumping for snacks or doing head dipping exercise into water buckets to get bite on apples, so I realised that I needed some help.  I’d seen Melinda tweeting about her new start up business of pretty things for parties and whatnot, so I sent her a message asking if she could point me in the right direction of what to do for the shower.

Melinda came back with loads of ideas and suggestions of what to do and eventually I just said, “hey, could you help me plan this thing properly to do some justice?” and so she did.  Her and her partner in crime, Nadia, put together the most amazingly good looking baby shower that moms-to-be everywhere will be jealous.  She’s based in Joburg but supplies all her things through an online shop to anywhere.

Before I show you the pictures, please give Melinda and the team from Pretty Things For You some support if you can.    Their service really goes the extra mile and I’m amazed at the things they sourced, made themselves and laid everything out so beautifully.

The theme was robots & spaceships, the colour scheme was blue, yellow and grey.  And that’s pretty much the only direction I gave.  The rest was done by Melinda and Nadia from Pretty Things.  Even to the point of Melinda arranging the cake and cupcakes on my behalf as I was too busy with starting my new job.  She really did think of everything, and made sure I was kept in the loop and didn’t have to worry about anything.

And now for some pictorial proof.

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The tin robots were handmade by Nadia of Pretty Things For You – amazing right?


By the way, the exquisite cake & cupcakes designed and delivered by The Cupcake Lady too so if you’re ever in need of sugary goodness, this is the only baking genius I endorse.

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There was a candy table



Bunting was handmade by Pretty Things For You



A photo from a distance.  The venue was Horwoods Farm in Eastleigh, Edenvale.  Free, by the way, and gorgeous.  Perfect venue for a picnic for the whole family.  What I don’t show here is a playground for the kids that kept all the children occupied for HOURS.

A very big thank you to Melinda once again – I highly recommend Pretty Things For You, to everyone.

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