Posturepedic appearance

Have you ever noticed how your appearance changes according to your mood? Lately I have been doing the lazy South Coast thing and wearing jeans and sandals to work. Its not unusual here, as everyone does it. Except me. I like to look presentable and professional at work. But I have not had the energy of late to do my war paint on the face, or straighten my wayward curly hair. At times like this, I am really grateful to not live in the concrete jungles out there.

I used to do ballet. I won trophies and everything, so I must have been fairly good at it. One thing that I’ve taken with me my whole life is good posture. I firmly believe it makes me look taller and more confidant. But this morning, for the first time my whole life, someone told me to sit up straight. What the hell is going on?

On another note, however, I am feeling buckets better than yesterday. Quite skippy, in fact. yay to that. Its about bloody time!

yawn. This post is even boring me, so I’ll end it right here.