Politics for Poephols.

So, for those of you not in South Africa or living with your head pretty much rammed right up your bottom, I’m here to tell you that I have no president. It’s true. The South African president, Mr. Thabo Mbeki, has been bullied into resigning, evidently. It all smells a bit fishy to me, but what annoys me even more is that I don’t understand the how, when or why. And so I had a bit of a chat to a very political friend of mine in the whole “South African politics” industry in order to;

a) understand a bit more of what all these news articles are going on about, and
b) get somebody else’s opinion to write up this post so that you can also understand
c) create this article to teach those out there, like me, to broaden their horizons and take an interest in our country’s happenings.

Anyway, I spoke to my clever friend in, what he hates calling; “politics” and asked him a few questions I had on my mind:

Please could you simplify wtf is going on with this whole presidential story for me. Why do we have a vice president if she isn’t being used to step up to Mbeki’s now empty position?
She is ceremonial

Which means….?
That she is there is to look pretty

Are you fucking serious? How is this allowed?
It’s normal around the world, actually.

Why? Surely they should be functional in emergency at least?
Because the president is not part of parliament. Of course, they COULD ask her to be president. That’s like saying the president of the ANC should be the president of SA. And lest you have forgotten, Zuma is the president of the ANC.

So who’s going to be our president now?
Well, still Mbeki until they replace him, which will happen within a few days. My guess is that it will be the deputy of the ANC, Mothantle (or however you spell it).

Its only official til he resigns in parliament, right?

Why did they ask him to step down, because of Zuma’s shit in court?
God only knows. But it seems that it is because of Zuma’s court thing. Combined with him being a lame duck. And doing little for SA, in terms of Zuma-type policies.

Why did Mbeki listen? Was he compelled to resign?
Well, in my opinion, by resigning, he’s admitting guilt in the conspiracy against Zuma. But he also was probably forced. The facade is that he “is loyal to the ANC and its decisions”

So, ultimately, he could have chosen to stay in, but thought it would be more dignified?
Not really… the constitution doesn’t allow for the president to be a dictator, so if the cabinet overwhelmingly tells him to step down, he can’t really fight it.

How does this compare to Mugabe refusing to step down… isn’t this the same thing Zim cabinets called for?
Well, Mugabe is a dictator, Mbeki isn’t. Mugabe calls the shots, Mbeki can’t.

Can’t or wont?
Mbeki can’t challenge it. But he must go, I feel it’s a good thing. Though I do think Mbeki is a target and is being treated unfairly.

So, there you have it. One man’s opinion puts my political world into perspective, even if I don’t totally agree with all of his theories.

This is so weird for me. Usually I am as interested in politics as a stapler is, but I’m almost excited about this whole thing. It’s like my very same friend from above says, “it’s all about how it affects you. If the government had to pass a law that regulates how many shoes you’re allowed to buy, then you’d see every kugal in Sandton suddenly interested in ‘politics’. Life can’t go on if “politics” had to be removed. It is directly part of life, and it directly affects us. To be interested in it is as important as knowing what food you enjoy.”

History is in the making here, okes. Mugabe over there in Zim is big connections with this Mbeki fellow. They say that somehow they are related, which means that it must run in the family having people ask you to resign from the most important job in each respective company. Sucks to be their grannies, yo. I mean seriously, how’s that for some family Christmas lunch table talk.

Granny: “So Bob, how things going in the office, still getting rotten eggs via post?”
Bob: “yes, but not as many as Thabo gets death threats for touring the world so much”.

Alls I’m saying is that what with all of Thabo’s travel experience, he could possibly approach Mango Airlines and ask for a job.

All the cabinet ministers in Thabo’s boat will probably follow suit, too, in exploring employment, as Zuma is pretty much prepping for presidency I think – and he doesn’t like the Thabo supporters one bit.

Oh, oh, oh! I know – Manto Msimang Tshabalabalabalalalala could start a Fruit & Veg Garden Growing University in the name of support and research for the HIV/Aids cure factor. I’m just saying…


  1. Stef says:

    highly unlikely (and unconstitutional) that Zuma will be president until the next general elections (april 2009)… there is certain procedures/protocol to follow and most likely the speaker will be the next “president” until the anc declares that the elections will be sooner than april…

    i love africa… eish 🙂

  2. Jeanette says:

    Fascinating day this! LOL! Did you hear Zuma’s speech? “And most importantly, the 2010 Soccer world cup”blah blah, and eventually he mentioned health and education!! WTF?!?!

  3. Hans says:

    Nice article – must confess I am totally gobsmacked at how quickly this thing has transpired – right after the court case…. The ANC youth League advise that Mbeki has to resign and within days it’s a done deal….. very scary….

  4. Po says:

    This is all very interesting and action packed. A similar thing happened in the UK but with less controversy attached. South African politics has more..juiciness.

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