Pocket full of sunshine & dating stuff

This is my song choice of the moment.  The lyrics are quite sad, but the tune is upbeat and puts a smile on my dial and a bob in my head.  Especially this morning.  After no sleep last night.  And the date?  The date was awesome thanks so much for asking.  ]

Introduced UmFriend to Cath & Cam.  I think they approve.  He cooked for me, dudes.  Then I was taken to watch Hancock, after much protesting that Kung FU Panda would be better. I totally won the wrestle and the movie choice.  Thats right, I’m a hectic chick – I’m not scared of using my feminine whiles (sic) to get my own way.  Aside from having to sit in the front row (I made us late, how rare) and being surrounded by fifty million indian kids all talking on their cellphones, I really enjoyed the movie.  So did he.  Even after I jumped up and shouted at the baddie and then buried my head into his lap.

And, can I just say:  Awwwwwww.  We held hands and fed eachother popcorn and tumblers!  Sweeeeeet. Also, we raced a fat kid to the line and won.  FInally, after much nagging on his part, we ended off at Billy the Bums in Windermere Road where we hand a night cap or six.  How divine.


  1. Stef says:

    bugger the popcorn and the tumblers!!!
    and most important, did you think of me as promised?
    kung fu panda rocks, i loved that movie 🙂

  2. shebee says:

    Stef – See sms of this morning.

    Gluggie – read yesterdays post, fool. Thanks, I did have lots of fun.

  3. Amy says:

    I’m glad you’re date went well…. so did mine! No hand-holding or anything as cute as that but still nice…
    And hey – we saw ” Hancock ” and it rocked, so go see it next time lady…

  4. shebee says:

    How weird is that. Exact same thing, exact same movie, exact same date…half way across the world.


    Faux lesbian Lovers reign supreme!

  5. shebee says:

    Stef – Dork! Haha.

    Tam – welcome back babe! I like your new nickname for your hubby. Sorry I can’t comment, the firewall at work won’t allow any blogger links. Lame huh? I will go watch Kung Fu, I just wanted to see Hancock first as a matter of urgency in order to debate my opinion with Shaun of http://shaunoakes.com who swears it was a flop.

  6. justBcoz says:


    What happened to my comment … she not here no more =(

    I sent hearty congrats, thumbs up, punk bubbles, yadda yadda …


  7. Amy says:

    Forgive me my dear – apparently i cant read.

    And agreed, how odd is that ? Maybe from now on our lives will run in sync… spooky!

  8. shebee says:

    Angel – thank you babe, it is hey?

    JBC – I have no idea lovie. It didn’t even go to Akismet. Must be your side?

    Aims – is okay, we all have our days. And eeew, don’t say shit like that – you know how rough things have been this year for both of us, we don’t need that mirrored!

  9. Amy says:

    Point taken…. if i got all your dodgy bits, and you got all mine, that’d be more than enough to do my head in!

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