Picnicing under the stars. LMAO

Living in at The Shath and in its neighbourhood has provided endless entertainment for Cath, Cam and myself.

Just tonight we have had the local police roaming the streets two metres at a time announcing a community policing forum.  Repeatedly. Again and again. Every two metres:

*police siren woooo eeeep wooo* and then over the speakers;
“Vhis are a reminder, tomorrow even-eeng at va corn-err off X and Y Straat that there are being a community policing forum for the community en va Police”.

REPEAT.  SIREN, ANNOUNCEMENT, DRIVE TWO METRES, REPEAT SIREN, ANNOUNCEMENT, DRIVE TWO METRES.  This being at 7.30pm, when normal families are putting kids to bed and normal bloggers are sitting down to watch Joey on SABC 3.

After giving up on putting Cam to bed while the copper does his announcements, Cath goes outside to smoke and spots a homeless couple in the road right outside our apartment block and comes to call me.  We have a habit of spying on everyone in our neighbourhood from either of our balconies.  By the time I got there, they were rolling out the blankets and setting up for a picnic under the stars, right in our garden!

Our first reaction was to call the Police, but then the police car strolled right on past and didn’t care.  Eventually the local station picked up the phone and by the time Cath got the message through that we needed vagrants to be removed, the hobos had heard everything (we were directly above them on our balcony) and removed themselves.  The following conversation takes place:

Cath: Ok, sorry, don’t send a car.  The homeless people have gone.
Cop: eh?
Cath: The people you had to chase away have left. You don’t have to come through.
Cop: No, it is fine – we are on our way, okay? Plus minus forty meeneets.
Cath: No, seriously, don’t send a cop car – they have removed themselves from our property.
Cops: Yebo, we weel remoof them, don’t worrr.
Cops: Because why you phoning then?
Cath: Sigh (tears in eyes) Please. Please just cancel the call out.
Cops: Oh. Ehwe.  You have no need now?
Cath: No, no need, the homeless people are not here anymore.  Please. Cancel the call out.
Cops: Ok, thank you goodbye.

Half an hour later the homeless couple came back. They are currently sleeping under their blankets and are folded into a ball on the grass.  We didn’t have the strength to call the police again.

If they come back tomorrow, I’ll ask them to leave myself.


  1. Stef says:

    am i the only one feeling sorry for the poor homeless couple?… aijajajajai… ok i get it, it has to be done… but shame!

    that was a funny post girl 🙂

  2. cathjenkin says:

    @Stef no youre not. we had HUGE moral issues. HUGE ones. I still feel bad for not making them coffee this morning. X

  3. shebee says:


    We were in hysterics one minute and then wringing our hands about the moral dilemma and what-if’s.

    I hope they don’t come back tonight. Will cause me to be unnecessarily mean, and I hate that.

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