Photo’s of the new office set up (in the attic).

  • The view from office window – Durban Harbour, baby!
  • There are so many of them
  • To be dealt with
  • My cool in tray
  • Pot Plants – lets hope I don’t kill them
  • The desk area
  • The monitor. With post-it. Clean desktop huh?
  • My coffee cup, that I drink tea out of.
  • The luminous yellow GIANT samoosa from Pebashni

Pretty, hey?Ā  Now I just have to convince myself all of this is worth the stress I have daily…


  1. Shebee says:

    B the rooster made too much noise everytime it sensed a bang. One of those sensory things. I don’t have a balcony, no. We’re in the attic, yo! The samoosa is dodge looking, right? I thought it was just me.

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