Pet hates.

  1. People calling me Ma’am when they are clearly a few years my senior. It makes me feel uncomfortable.
  2. Spit. I hate it. In a mouth or out. It is best ignored.
  3. Why does tea go so cold so quickly? Coffee doesn’t. Its only tea. Annoying.
  4. Taxi drivers. No matter how new or old their taxi is, they were put on earth to be bad drivers.
  5. Hooting to greet. Didn’t people realize that when it gives you the multiple question and answers in the learner driver test, it was a trick question? Blowing your horn is not meant for greeting. Emergencies only, people!
  6. Egg shells in my scrambled eggs from mugg n bean. Seriously, this is just not on.
  7. Every single clothing company that sells underwear. They need to realise that just because my boobs are gigantic, it doesn’t give them the right to make the bra straps big enough to fit around a tree trunk. Think about it, manufacturers!
  8. Fat free cream. That is a fucking impossibility. Cream is a form of fat! Do people really fall for that?
  9. The smell of blown out candles. It smells terrible.
  10. Nail polish that peels off quickly. What a waste of time, effort and money. It takes ages to apply it, forever for it to dry, then you get up and a day later half of it flakes off.

Wednesday shmednesday. I’m grumpy.