One of the perks of being a Twitter, Facebook and blogging addict is that sometimes people pick up on things you say in the hopes of you aligning towards their brand in a clever way.  As head of the social team at Aqua, I often get deliveries of all sorts.  I’ve even blogged about one or two of them.  But today’s drop off made me think of two things:

  1. Sometimes PR is very handy when you want to connect your brand to what has become known as an ‘influencer’
  2. The trick to getting it right is not as easy as you think.  Gone are the days where sending free things to bloggers guarantees you a blog post.  In order to leverage anything, your PR needs to be really awesome, or you need to pay really well.  BTW, this is a non paid post.

Having said that, I’m really impressed with Chappies.  The other day I wrote about how things have changed in my life and a few weeks before that, I had a Twitter conversation with Nic Haralambous about where we were in our careers not so long ago.  Nic, as it happens, was a journo and now is CEO of Motribe.  I was a Spur waitress up until 7 years ago.

Today, the following parcel arrived:

In a pretty pink box (which is my favourite colour too):

With the following print out on the back of a gigantic Chappies cover:

How cool?  So cool!  Chappies are promoting the fact that any South African can now influence what get’s printed on the popular Did You Know Chappies wrappers.  I remember reading these as a kid, every South African does, it’s become pop culture.

Head on over to to see how you can get involved.

And well done, Ogilvy CT on behalf of Chappies.  You touched something very emotive in me, and reminded me what it was like being a child again.  And I’m framing my print out and hanging it up in my office 🙂


  1. Angel says:

    That is beyond awesome! I love it!
    My favourite ones in the Chappies papers were the ones that were randomly cut off at the end of the paper! Like:
    “DID YOU KNOW? 712 The salt water crocodile”
    Used in conversation in a very educated tone of voice always results in a stunned silence.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Friggen brilliant.

    I loved me some chappies. The only fact I remember is that the statue of liberty wears sandals…

    (sorry about the flood of comments, I’ve been RSS-less for the past 3 months and I’m still catching up…)

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