penis enlargers! spam me here!

Good gawd. Usually my spam filter is pretty impressive, but this priceless little piece of goodness was just begging to be blogged about!

Are you thinking about big dick in New 2008 Year? I went to school with Big Dick – how do you know him?

Lets change your sexual life now! Shouldn’t I already have one though? The BF died, you know, that kinda leaves me stranded in the sex department.*

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Now to change your cock size. The fact that your English is found wanting doesn’t even warrant me answering this, seriously.

Dont miss such astonishing chance. Okidoki then. I’ll just whip out my handy shlong from my bum, shall I?

Women will be glad with you. *Snort* Ya. Right.

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Holy hell! Do you really think people actually follow these links? Is there a guy out there really desperate enough to buy one of these (literal) cock suckers?

* Horrid joke I know. Humour is my coping mechanism, though, so don’t judge me too harshly if you please.