Out to dinner in the bundus.

The feeling of meeting new people.  The rush of anticipation, the awkward moments of wondering if there’ll be those silences that we all dread, the hope that conversation doesn’t run dry, the fear of not having anything in common… it’s all so unknown.  But there’s also the mystery of getting to know a new human being, someone different and unique and the wondering of what they’ll be like, it makes it all worth while.

So when an evening goes well enough that the laughs happen frequently, there’s lots to talk about, total comfort almost instantly, a tease here and there and a support system when I grimace at walking downhill in heels, I know that it was time well spent.

That is all.

Oh, also, I’m blending with the bush.  Check it out:


PS:  Thank you for the perfect getaway from you know what, you know who you are.  Oh, the posts in question?  Here and here.  Laugh at me, I don’t mind.


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