Our Engagement Video

I’m in Cape Town this morning and it’s gorgeous as always.  I’m here for work to cover the Argus, and I’m having so much fun.  Jon flies in tonight and while I’m working he’ll be spending time with his family.  Being apart from him this time is weird, I want to tell him everything I’m doing.  Last night we Skyped until all hours, and in between that we’re Whatsapping like nobody’s business. We’ve never been like this before, really.  It’s exciting and silly at the same time.

But it’s okay, I’m taking photos of my engagement ring in all kinds of different scenarios and sending them all to him.  To bug him at work and also remind him that he’s stuck with me forever now.  Mwahahaha.


And here’s one I took of him, so I can also remember that this goofy face will be with me until we grow so old together other people won’t be able to tell our genders apart.


Plus, how cool is Jon’s family – they took out this ad in a few of the national newspapers to announce the engagement, my new MIL says her phone hasn’t stopped ringing:


Thanks to Adriaan at work, our video of the engagement has been edited and lightened up a bit.  The original was really shaky and very dark.  I’m sad it doesn’t include the beginning bit where a dwarf and Jon basically wrestled me up onto the stage, but oh-well.  Here you’ll get to see the bloody cage, and me getting lifted in it, and how much of an asshole I thought Jon was because OMG,GETOFFTHESTAGEANDSTOPTELLINGTHEAUDIENCETOCLAPFORMEEEEEE!

PS: The couple I referred to in the previous blog post needs a special mention.  Max not only gave me the fright of my life when she randomly walked up to me and said the angels told her to talk to us, and knew our names, but then said we had a mutual friend too.  Jon roped her into the whole engagement story, and she’s the one behind this video.  Thanks Max!

PS: if you haven’t yet read the whole story, read it here now.



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