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So, I might be let go at work.  For the second time in my 25th (eek!) year of life.  Our company is international and with this global crisis, we don’t have enough incoming … well, income, to warrant my position permanently.  Which sucks for me as I’m only on a fixed term contract and it expires in two days.  Awesome.

I’m looking at it as one of those “one door closes, another one opens” situations.  So, if you have anything in mind that I could possibly part of, please let me know.  I promise to not sexually harrass you or your boss. Okay, well maybe your boss.  You know how I love the ones in high places.  Oh hell, even in the low places.  Who am I kidding?  Especially the low places.

Anyway. So ja.  Social Media, marketing, writing, HR, PR, stuff like that okay?  Tell your friends.



  1. simonB says:

    Dope your comment on radio about doing nerdmag permanently catching up on you faster than expected eish

    Lesson in life – never even mention you are starting to look elsewhere, thats the fastest way to get booted.

    Hope you find something soon 😉

  2. B says:

    with your awesomeness I am sure you will find more than one door open for you…

    I will keep my ear open for you anywayz

  3. Tom says:

    Shame man that sucks, it’s good that you’re being positive though. Maybe this is a chance to REALLY push Nerdmag and make some dollaz out of it:)Luck

  4. Byron says:

    Good luck my friend. It seems we are both taking new paths, and whilst mine may be self chosen, they say a change is as good as a holiday.

  5. Hardspear says:

    Crap! It seems to be happening to many people these days. I am sure something will crop up though.

    Thanks for the nice welcome back message on my blog, I will do a complete update of what has happened over the last year on the weekend and post it on my blog Monday.

  6. evl says:

    Hey, your comment thing is making funny.

    Anyway, if your expenses are not to much you could make nerdmag work it for you.

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